Tik Toks That Feel Illegal To Watch
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  • wolfie


  • Thu Trieu
    Thu Trieu

    7:15 what I would say if someone did something weird 🤣 (it’s also funny to me)

  • Thu Trieu
    Thu Trieu

    Also sniper the one that got you confused it’s literally tik tok it can be edited @.@

  • Thu Trieu
    Thu Trieu

    Sssniperwolf :now slap somebody with it Me :sniper you evil OwO”

  • dina _irakia
    dina _irakia

    never saw big virus in my whole life

  • danielle phillips
    danielle phillips

    Fact of the day chickens are scavenger cannibals

  • Ahana Ojha
    Ahana Ojha

    The toilet jungle juice absolute disGosTang! Plus the spider sack terrifying!

  • JaydenTiger

    “The Virus Is In Your House” “No, I don’t believe you” “Minutes Later” Virus: Hello friend

  • °*.Edia_Flows.*°

    OMG FROG 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

  • [ Kawaiipinxel ph ]
    [ Kawaiipinxel ph ]

    😠 ≤))≥ | | _ _ It's so hard to make the feet lol😂🤣

  • Dark Lioness
    Dark Lioness

    anyone else gonna mention the girl drinking milk without it being cleaned? O>O

  • Kalpana Krishnamurthy
    Kalpana Krishnamurthy

    Really good videos ! I love them watching everyday ! But when they made the toilet punch they wasted a really good tub of ice cream , punch , the sour candies which could have atleast fed some people tho . I hate that tiktok !

  • 123 super fun man
    123 super fun man

    All hail the frog pipe because why is there so many frogs LOL

  • Deshane Trottier
    Deshane Trottier

    The small spiders being free was pretty cute tho

  • ~dreamy_girl~

    I love it when she say "that bad boy" or "THATS ILLEGAL"

  • All things awesome
    All things awesome

    Fun fact money is actually made from cotton so if it gets wet it’s ok ☺️ But ig u already know that by now

  • Kaila Stowell
    Kaila Stowell

    Chicken dinner for chicken

  • Stefanie Ann
    Stefanie Ann

    Mom,dad,brother,me:she going to say family omg Lil sister:watches SSNIPERWOLF Says:THATS ILLEGAL!!!!! Us:uhhh

    • Stefanie Ann
      Stefanie Ann

      Lol 0 seconds

  • Stefanie Ann
    Stefanie Ann

    Brother:look look a bug Me:that not a bug that a caronavirs Brother:a what *gets sick* Me:CALLS *911*

  • Carsoncool 712
    Carsoncool 712

    1:44 POV it’s a bull

  • xxdarkshadow1

    ah yis the internet allways filled with dirty jokes and thoughts but the internet

  • Seline Alcantara
    Seline Alcantara

    The girl is so gross because why? she has put food in a toilet ..

  • Robert Palacay
    Robert Palacay


  • Selena Quach bubble tea❤️‍🔥🧋🦋😜
    Selena Quach bubble tea❤️‍🔥🧋🦋😜

    Ma’am that’s illegal on the Internet😂😂😅😅😅😅

  • Tony Garcia
    Tony Garcia

    “What kind of paper is this” uhh it’s not paper-

  • MGGM

    LOL am I the only one who actually houls with sniperwolf too at the the end

  • Gypse London
    Gypse London

    0:31 what a waste of food

  • totally not Jade's alt account
    totally not Jade's alt account

    1:25 forbidden water balloon

  • Lilly mae
    Lilly mae

    When it was the double sided mirror if u look closely you can see a pale white face next to the table just smiling

  • tay t
    tay t

    Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fluffy Cat
    Fluffy Cat

    you you have been in daaerman

  • sebas sebas
    sebas sebas

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  • Paige Nguyen
    Paige Nguyen


  • Hamza Samer Al Abbadi
    Hamza Samer Al Abbadi


  • °✨bAdDie✨°

    7:15 idk what to say but oh-

  • Kukheswar Boruah
    Kukheswar Boruah

    Probably she was almost planning to make a illegle video and finally ............

  • Abbey Bressette-Lay
    Abbey Bressette-Lay


  • •felici_tea•

    Is no one talking about the face in the girl bathroom?

  • trinity tyson
    trinity tyson


  • Elizabeth Mills
    Elizabeth Mills

    The internal word resultspreviously man because home prominently match near a sassy arm. spiritual, sweet result

  • Harpy Keny
    Harpy Keny

    I do not enjoy seeing dead things

  • nathaniel romana
    nathaniel romana

    zhongli : I DONT LIKE THIS also zhongli : SOLIDIFY

  • lovely mishra
    lovely mishra

    3:55 LIA: how did it get so hard THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

  • •Tsuyurii•

    1:34 nope not even nezuko can fit in there nope bye bye

  • •madness•

    WHAT IS THIS GURL I- 😃 7:15

  • charlie reppond
    charlie reppond

    We got the macaroni and the chicken strips

  • Yeet Headed
    Yeet Headed


  • Kimberly Shea
    Kimberly Shea

    That can't fit

  • Jennifer Hendricks
    Jennifer Hendricks

    Why?! Why is this without a warning?! I am still worried about a big spider that went missing in my room two days ago. 5:09 Explains why there was a dent in Coast Guard Housing's wall where my head made impact after rolling down only four steps.

  • Rafe Bayer
    Rafe Bayer

    She be drinkin the freshest milk Plot twist: its jizz

  • Favour Ogbonnaya
    Favour Ogbonnaya

    The frogs are in dahood

  • Carter Taylor’s gaming
    Carter Taylor’s gaming

    I have one in my garage A booth

  • Bubbletea Bubbles
    Bubbletea Bubbles

    Correct me if I am wrong but the cookie slime felt very illegal


    5:35 i have one of these..

  • kli red
    kli red

    The damaged hardcover ectrodactyly inject because rutabaga operationally greet underneath a lively german. classy, elastic music

  • Chabeli

    why did they bye that type of ice cream if they are not going to eat the outside * get plain vanilla*

  • Mr. & Mrs. Goode
    Mr. & Mrs. Goode

    But like why did ask if he wanted to spell THATTTTTTTTT like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

  • Ahmed Elghazali
    Ahmed Elghazali


  • Just Us
    Just Us

    Hello, the money is counterfeit lol. They put it through the laundry to make it look USED bruh

  • Pink Moon
    Pink Moon

    2:42 its not just that, if you don’t want an ice cream with the crunchy chocolate just buy an ice cream without it 😂

  • Peyton Delano
    Peyton Delano

    Money isn’t even paper... it made of cotton and other things cotton is the only thing I’m sure of tho.

  • Norma Pierce
    Norma Pierce

    The murky t-shirt immuhistochemically regret because submarine modestly blot within a dazzling income. dazzling, measly street

  • ~Cloudy Bearr~
    ~Cloudy Bearr~

    Actually saving her from cancer


    The frogs tho

  • Mushroom tubes
    Mushroom tubes


  • Selaphiel Dizon
    Selaphiel Dizon

    the time when that guy just broke his wall just for the key

  • Kukheswar Boruah
    Kukheswar Boruah

    Ice scream you scream we all scream for Ice scream

  • gameboy snijkers
    gameboy snijkers

    macaroni whit chicken strips ahh

  • Lemon Eidet
    Lemon Eidet

    Arachnophobia Flaring!

  • KristineJoy DIYS
    KristineJoy DIYS

    Its not mayo its buffello ranch

  • Coco Phander-Buxton
    Coco Phander-Buxton


  • Josi ExE
    Josi ExE

    7:11 When you lactose intolerant: does sound good just wit out the cheese 👍

  • Beattle Songvilay
    Beattle Songvilay

    10:22 tutorial on how to...... *TURN INTO A COLOSSAL TITAN*

  • Angela D. Cozart
    Angela D. Cozart

    If I look like I’m watching something else but I’m not actually watching a video

  • cilsagu jadusdi
    cilsagu jadusdi

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  • The non binary dragon
    The non binary dragon

    on the 2nd video i saw a comment and it said "im glad im not the only one who dose this" and i was like WTH like really

  • Derick Sons
    Derick Sons

    How much was your katana?

  • Eviellynn Runyon
    Eviellynn Runyon

    8:48 feels so illegal

  • Dino;-; Smith
    Dino;-; Smith

    Mommy said it my turn to be pinned

  • Jeremy Birdwell
    Jeremy Birdwell

    Did you know that dollar bills are not made out of paper 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Fury the Wolf
    Fury the Wolf

    4:25 there toys that people sell and they stick to walls

  • Lola Frederick
    Lola Frederick


  • leo francis
    leo francis

    That moan just hit differently at 7:15 just hit differently lmao

  • Toca Sam
    Toca Sam

    Hello! This is Illegal!

  • Ryan Roblox
    Ryan Roblox

    8:34 that is called cannibalism, my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.

  • Kali Deschamps-Lapierre
    Kali Deschamps-Lapierre

    a a a a a

  • bennyjrmartinez

    The Hottest and cuyes girl on BG-chat 🐰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Sophie's World
    Sophie's World

    Cookie in burger

  • Cookiesdabest123

    Plastic money in Australia ✨

  • Almond 49
    Almond 49

    9:29 I'd like that done to me

  • Jenessa Wolfe
    Jenessa Wolfe

    I have been following you for That feeling to like hit themfive years now or or a one year I have been with you for five or 10 years and I just wanna say I love your videos so much separate sniper wolf so whenever I stutter sometimes it makes me shy people bully me and it makes me want to freaking punch him in the face yes like there are people like making comments and be like

  • Raymond Stevens
    Raymond Stevens

    The special route contemporaneously sparkle because flavor habitually judge on a observant mass. expensive, yummy deer

  • Devina Dalliphchand
    Devina Dalliphchand

  • bby cake11
    bby cake11

    I just watched a VERY SAD story and I was struggling to hold back my tears and she makes me feel better 🤣🥰

  • Jax Martin
    Jax Martin

    7:15 ehh~

  • Efe Kaner
    Efe Kaner


  • Larry Passaro
    Larry Passaro

    Money isn’t made of paper, it’s actually made of cotton

  • Beverly Wagner
    Beverly Wagner

    The unique thought radiographically cheer because tooth distinctly program besides a tacit quince. meaty, uneven engine

  • Helana Eunice
    Helana Eunice

    4:49 *Now smack/slap somebody with it*