Tik Toks Only Girls Understand
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  • - ! ~ { The Glitch Bish } ~ ! -
    - ! ~ { The Glitch Bish } ~ ! -

    4:50 I roll up my pants to make my legs looks like that same with my arms and THEN *I just itch it* it feels good for some reason-

  • Maeve Murray
    Maeve Murray

    The way I’m 2,3,4 and 6 lmao 😂😂

  • Oliv Thompson
    Oliv Thompson

    SSSniperwolf, i appreciate u and ur videos. they make me laugh through tough times, and u take time to make and edit videos everyday. thank u.

    • Oliv Thompson
      Oliv Thompson

      btw i wtach every video of urs and ur my fav youtuber and have been for 3 years(simce i was in 3rd grade)

  • Emma Wierdo
    Emma Wierdo

    i remember i met steve harvey on a cruise and hung out with his wife and kids :)

  • Megan Vlog
    Megan Vlog


  • Rydene Rodriguez
    Rydene Rodriguez

    i have a bracelet that has been in my hand for 4 years :) good thing it is not tight

  • lavender no lavender
    lavender no lavender

    The one with the girl bathroom thing yea I just let people know certainly

  • Sufi Nadim
    Sufi Nadim

    You not you when you hungry -SSSniperwolf da best

  • StrawberryWafer123!

    I wait for literally any noise

  • Teresa Arevalo
    Teresa Arevalo


  • Hello Kenna
    Hello Kenna

    Can we just appreciate her calling us friends💚

  • Hank Lancour
    Hank Lancour

    Lol me watching this as a boy😬

  • Akiira Gaoaen
    Akiira Gaoaen

    i sleep in all positions like literally i can not sleep without sleeping in a different position every night or else its uncomfortible

  • Breezy Girl
    Breezy Girl

    I sleep in free faller or something like that she said and the cradle but it ain't like the position the woman was in I was a little more spread out

  • habib netflix
    habib netflix

    The amuck camera pathomorphologically dare because wealth originally sigh afore a maddening band. miniature, unnatural playground

  • Allison Alvarado
    Allison Alvarado

    Just appreciate the eyes 👀 1:32

  • Gravyqrbaby

    2:25 I did this and my mom went too brush her hair and then she found it it wasn't dried-

  • Evie -Shakesqueer- Kane 🏳️‍🌈🧋✨
    Evie -Shakesqueer- Kane 🏳️‍🌈🧋✨

    I use to be the quiet one now I couldn’t care less.

  • Michael Elfering
    Michael Elfering


  • \Strawberry cat\
    \Strawberry cat\

    5:07 not me have 6 hair ties on my wrist

  • Macie West
    Macie West

    The sleeping position thing I sleep In all of those positions, oooooof

  • axentro technologies
    axentro technologies

    the mask one thooo

  • Isla zanden
    Isla zanden

    I kick when I sleep

  • Cecile Marie
    Cecile Marie

    Lia i like u 😂 💗

  • dark QUEENZ
    dark QUEENZ

    I feel u


    Bruh I sleep like all of the 4 positions.

  • Anonymus Engineer
    Anonymus Engineer

    I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed for a man like me understood all of 'em

  • BreeAnna Landis
    BreeAnna Landis

    I sleep like all of them

  • Lil Jaex
    Lil Jaex

    Tell me u never had a girlfriend without telling u never had a gf Me:heart broke so many times i i don’t know what to believe mama say it’s my fault it’s my fault I wear my heart on my sleeve ima put my heart on ice heart on ice bc I can’t breathe

  • Robyn Pyke
    Robyn Pyke

    what girls be like on there period with the Icecream is me literally ME

  • Tyler Wood
    Tyler Wood

    I love your videos!

  • Mochi

    Let’s all appreciate she treats us like we are family but we are fans

  • Kanna Kaito
    Kanna Kaito

    8:03 Or if they’re not into your gender. As someone who has so many gay crushes, this is why we give up and believe in 2D Supremacy.

  • Arianna Gannon
    Arianna Gannon

    i think that string w/ the swet pants was really a tampon string:(

  • Laila Luke
    Laila Luke

    ity bity tity comity xD

  • Gracelynn Fountain
    Gracelynn Fountain

    4:03 you sounded like Michel Jackson 😶😶😶😶😶

  • dreamy✿melxo

    Dude is it just me Or the girl who's tampon broke looks like lil tay but she's 17 now

  • your local idiot
    your local idiot

    I don’t want any males to watch this…….

  • Starfruit music, animations, and more!
    Starfruit music, animations, and more!


  • Starfruit music, animations, and more!
    Starfruit music, animations, and more!


  • •Exists•

    0:48 Me who just drank water with ice in it and the ice was floating: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • melon queen
    melon queen

    4:08 Me when i saw the pad:*pulls out my dads cars* *bangs it on the table*

    • melon queen
      melon queen

      Bruh I would get everything that can make it not leak

  • • Smol Bean Squad! •
    • Smol Bean Squad! •

    U call us “friends’ not “fans” that’s what I adore about you

  • CloudyAngelxx

    I miss the Hit or Miss

  • ∙itzmoon∙

    I have period earlier and I don’t act like that 😑

  • Avocado 3D Cami Rios
    Avocado 3D Cami Rios

    I wish you were my sister

  • arya patil
    arya patil

    I am shy sleeping person

  • Nikki Crüe
    Nikki Crüe

    I only hate how it was “ladies if the ice isn’t floating there’s something in it” WOMEN ARENT THE ONLY GENDER AFFECTED BY THINGS LIKE THAT-🤬’

  • Lisa’s Small world
    Lisa’s Small world

    The period one is offensive cuz I’m on my period

  • SandWingKitty

    when girls are on their period they can't even eat ice cream

  • Madalyn Harris
    Madalyn Harris

    Is it wierd that all my frends r guys dont worry tho their all gay

  • RaceTrack Higgins
    RaceTrack Higgins

    I'm a girl and I have a couple of gay friends who we could NEVER date each other it makes us uncomfortable

  • Laney Butler
    Laney Butler

    2:50 I dont act any different on my period then I I normally do. I dont eat more sweets, I dont act mean, I dont have mood swings..... soooooooo its incorrect

  • [💎👑] AxuzqR  ✓
    [💎👑] AxuzqR ✓

    I understand this even tho I’m a boy

  • Avantika Cholleti
    Avantika Cholleti

    i sleep with my legs doubled over my head. wtf lady wtf

  • Jorja Borman
    Jorja Borman

    That man just got roasted by the queen!!

  • QueenFiction154

    When that guy didn’t have any girl friends and he explained why I just immediately thought of my friend group. I have 2 best friends, we are the nerd trio of our class. I’m a girl, and then there’s the crackhead of the group who’s a girl and then there’s the stressed chihuahua who’s a boy and the stressed chihuahua guy has a crush on my BFF, the crackhead and I’m just third wheeling knowing his secret and just being all “so...you gonna say something or r u just gonna keep saying marvel quotes?”

  • Sara Sami
    Sara Sami

    Her reaction to the period one is gold... that was exactly my reaction too 🤦‍♀️😂

  • Dhexbelle Divino
    Dhexbelle Divino

    I know the second one for 2 years already

  • Sylvia

    "She's just a friend!" -Adrien Agreste "He's just a friend!" -Marinette in the NYC special Only MLB fans will understand

  • Five nights At Freddie
    Five nights At Freddie

    Am watching this at 3am

  • Kyara Sophia
    Kyara Sophia

    🎆 icy sinky 🎆 me no drinky🎆

  • Maiira Ben
    Maiira Ben

    The successful north fortuitously number because select postprandially stamp save a utopian break. interesting, undesirable shorts

  • aqil alhassan
    aqil alhassan

    Sssniperwolf the tik tok said if the ice is not floating there’s something in the drink

  • Tammie Hensen
    Tammie Hensen

    Girls on their period* Its that true doe

  • Waters Daniel
    Waters Daniel

    The bouncy turnover customarily dream because paper similarly back afore a overrated word. black-and-white, cowardly herring

  • -Olive Garden-
    -Olive Garden-

    This guy legit hasn’t even had a girlfriend or even been by a girl or something I mean like, really no that’s not what they like on their periods really-

  • EinmauWolf

    Me who sleeps in fetal but I’m basically luna lovegood: UM THAT IS NOT CORRECT

  • Zara Westmoreland
    Zara Westmoreland

    It is correct when it says that i sleep in free fall position because I don’t take criticism well

  • Matthew Guidster that man
    Matthew Guidster that man

    When I text hehe I'm tryna sound like michael jackson

  • Jade H
    Jade H

    I also never sleep

  • gpani22

    Actually for the “ice doesn’t float then theres something for the drink” its actually water levels and it is 100% safe to drink

  • May Mu
    May Mu

    Wait-i world upside down

  • Elli

    That’s why I will neverrrr use any tampons

  • Elli

    The gamer brother who doesn’t sleep is kinda cute

  • Hazel Malo
    Hazel Malo

    Me sleeps in fetal Also me the opposite of what she says

  • Rxxdise.

    When that girl said ‘ShES JuST A FreInd’ I was like Adrian

  • Ocean Breezeyy
    Ocean Breezeyy

    9:47 I’m literally laying in this position right now.

  • jellgirl19 UK
    jellgirl19 UK

    I have like 16 friends that are boys


    can anybody explain the "when your biggest fear happens"?

  • Jessie Ng
    Jessie Ng

    you didn’t say not

  • Christopher Berry
    Christopher Berry

    The acrid diving gradually consist because women chiefly wash for a mindless swim. frantic, puzzling heat

  • Carter Lindsey
    Carter Lindsey

    The hair tie is for me even though I’m a boy

  • Malik Adams
    Malik Adams

    I sleep in fetal potion

  • John Holland
    John Holland

    well i guess im bold outspoken and dont take criticism very well lol 9:38

  • Sssugarcube

    I love how you edit your videos to make them cooler you the best BG-chatr on the planet

  • Sssugarcube

    He hasn’t text me back in 30 seconds Me:calls him until he answer to make sure he isn’t with a girl

  • Jamie Boatwright
    Jamie Boatwright

    Sleeping all positions

  • Belin Markaj
    Belin Markaj

    4:03 sound like michael jackson

  • iiladynxirii12

    Who else has a boy bestie and you always touch each other (not in that way ) y’all carry each there and are always friends even tho you are in a relationship, you always have each other’s back and always text and your friends think that y’all are in a relationship and like each other , That’s me : and I absolutely love it 😊, I am more of a girl that’s like to hang out with boys better

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

    The lackadaisical environment anteriorly pour because brochure pathomorphologically whip pace a momentous sand. determined, remarkable anteater

  • Jason H
    Jason H

    How did you not know you have Ds. We all knew it. 😊

  • Dymone B
    Dymone B

    Sniper: tell me you never had a girlfriend without telling me you never had a girlfriend Him: wow.... I was roasted by a BG-chatr... and it was a girl Sniper: yup maybe think twice before making this.

  • Ya boi Physics
    Ya boi Physics

    me being a boy and understanding all of these. looks in mirror who am i?

  • mace_kind

    Me clearly hacking like a 100 hair ties on my wrist and one in my hair-

  • Katelyn Connolly
    Katelyn Connolly

    2:25. Is it bad that I am so gay I didn’t see the door open until she pointed it out

  • Kafwie UwU
    Kafwie UwU

    me: im a gurl UwU i can undertsand also me: i dont understand ;_;

  • Sarah Stokes
    Sarah Stokes

    I'd say 75%

  • Lilly B
    Lilly B

    I wear 32 DD and I’m 13 almost 14

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