School Tik Toks That Are Actually Relatable
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  • FireGames

    Nobody: Me: "Looks at Lia's pigtails wanting to cut them off"

  • Mimsy Pressman
    Mimsy Pressman

    And he’s 51 years old

  • Mimsy Pressman
    Mimsy Pressman

    My teacher has been teaching for 17 years

  • XxGlitchy_SnowxX .
    XxGlitchy_SnowxX .

    One time my class all had D's or lower on a test. EVERYBODY. So she threw them away and didn't put the grades in the book. She was so nice

  • Spoon

    My school ends on the 16th of july

  • madalyn thornton
    madalyn thornton

    oh sheeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • Raissa Gondim
    Raissa Gondim


  • bread sheeran
    bread sheeran

    Lia: That's brutal. Me: *Alexa play Brutal by Olivia Rodrigo*

  • Lavender weirdo
    Lavender weirdo

    I'm not gonna lie I went to the nurse once I forgot why but I started flat out crying so hard and like panicking and she was so nice she got one of the councilors and the nurse and counselor was so nice 😭🤚

  • Zoe Stewart
    Zoe Stewart

    I dont know if you can see this but my teacher gave me that same word search and my class spent a hour on it if you see this I love your videos pls like if you see xx

  • C.C•Afton May Be Your Dad
    C.C•Afton May Be Your Dad

    the fact that i'm in the slacker zone

  • Sophia Dill
    Sophia Dill

    Your different hairbows make my old SCREAM

    • Sophia Dill
      Sophia Dill

      Lol ocd not old typo

  • vera salvador
    vera salvador

    teacher:man this class is bussin´ class: sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • vera salvador
    vera salvador

    teacher: i rated the test and it came out dees student: what do you meen teacher:dees nuts students: :( what were the test results

  • William d
    William d

    the girl with the knee brace is my sister

  • BxttxrflyBxba

    "Oh my fire alarm is going off I gotta go" The person who lives in the same apartment: 𝗶- 𝗯𝘂𝘁- 𝗻𝗼-

  • Emma Allen
    Emma Allen

    Omg the class siting won is soooo true im in the loud zone my self

  • keisy Moran
    keisy Moran

    i think the ´´where you sit in class´´ tik tok its sooo true iam in the quit sone and yeah my techer told me iam pasing omg

  • Roblox Lover
    Roblox Lover

    9:20 thats me

  • Taifighter V2
    Taifighter V2

    9:23 I can’t choose where I sit usually and where I am supposed to sit is kind of true but also not true at all

  • Kerry Harvey
    Kerry Harvey


  • Let it gooo let it goooo
    Let it gooo let it goooo

    9:21 I was in the quiet zone and I talked the most in my class when I was in second grade

  • Ella Newman
    Ella Newman

    On field day some kid yelled “*CaN i GeT a HiYyAaaHHhh* Me: ✨h U y A hH✨

  • Anna Hamill
    Anna Hamill

    Why does the fire alarm sound like a school fire alarm

  • Ella Newman
    Ella Newman

    *im pretty sure schools are out by now* I was in school til the 18th 🥺😭👌

  • Emmersyn Holt
    Emmersyn Holt

    yea I wish school was out lol

  • AnGeLaI06

    😆 hahaha😆

  • Ellie Beck
    Ellie Beck

    Ya that knee brace one is definitely me my hamstring sucks!! I play soccer not volleyball and I don’t walk like that I am also 15

  • Maria Archangela Ismayani Wikantyasa
    Maria Archangela Ismayani Wikantyasa

    sssniperwolf : i never have a boy english teacher, and a girl history teacher me : haves boy english teacher and girl history teacher- btw i love ur vidss!!

  • lola the butterfly
    lola the butterfly

    this class is streat bussing

  • Happy Marley S
    Happy Marley S

    The ice pack theory is true! In 3 grade in art class, I was stupidly brainwashed into thinking putting my ring finger n a stencil of a hexagon ( the second to smallest one 😠) was a good Idea. You guessed it, my finger got stuck. The other girl I was without it out easy, but me? NOPE! I spent half an hour getting it out. My finger was purple. It was swelling. It was burning. Instead of sending me home , I got and ICE PACK! "There are the nurses who act like doctors and care about every little thing (no...there are not. If there are the wow) the there are the nurses who solve anything with ice pack!" -me

  • Alex love
    Alex love

    I hate your videos

  • GachaGalaxy

    Litterly on the last day of school my teacher said we have to take a test of 100 pages and then we looked at it like "really...." AND THEN SHE SAID "THROW IT ALL OVER" all of us are like "YESSSS!" and throwing it all over the place 😂😂😂

  • Thelifeof2randomidiots Pogchamp
    Thelifeof2randomidiots Pogchamp

    Pretty sure schools are out now Me:cries in England

  • Clare M
    Clare M

    WHAT THE HECK- A girl in my grade wears a “knee brace” and an “ankle brace” and she plays lacrosse-

  • Clare M
    Clare M

    There’s always that one girl who has the neatest notes. Me writing in cursive since first grade while the rest of my class wrote normally-

  • Chen Chanborpenh
    Chen Chanborpenh

    The second one is so relatable

  • Kylie Asmr
    Kylie Asmr

    Her I’m pretty sure schools are over me two weeks later in school

  • 37_7E_Tanvi Khetwani
    37_7E_Tanvi Khetwani

    1:25 and 1:32 ShEeEesh😂😂😂

  • awang Telahak
    awang Telahak


  • Canelli Mather
    Canelli Mather

    You know its bad when they sit on the edge of a desk or the ledge of the projector screen/tv screen

  • Trevor Vandeveld (Student)
    Trevor Vandeveld (Student)

    Thicker then a snicker

    • Trevor Vandeveld (Student)
      Trevor Vandeveld (Student)


    • Trevor Vandeveld (Student)
      Trevor Vandeveld (Student)


  • Joey Zengen
    Joey Zengen

    I’m still in school

  • Bit


  • nrubgalb deraj
    nrubgalb deraj

    That "where you sit in class" one im in quiet zone

  • Gamingxmegan

    I have 4 english teachers, ones a boy. And I have a female history teacher.

  • Nita's cookies ^v^
    Nita's cookies ^v^

    5:20 after the whole class failed the test.. just just '' ReLAtAbLE'' no offense, but the teacher started off with ''after 5 years of teaching bLAh BLaH bLAh WhATeVER..'' and stuff like that -_-

  • Amy Schultz
    Amy Schultz

    Me being the girl with the perfect handwriting/notes: Well heck :^

  • Scarlett Daw❤️☹️
    Scarlett Daw❤️☹️

    My NAN works at my school and god it’s sad😭

  • Avi Love
    Avi Love

    A girl in my class couldn't move or feel her pinkie. It ended up being sprained the next day, but the nurse sent her back with an ice pack.


    I went to the office once with a hurt ankle and she Legit said “let me take your temperature”

  • Kat and Angel gacha studio
    Kat and Angel gacha studio

    I have 2 weeks of school left till winter break then there will only be 2 terms of school left

  • ♡Miku-Chun♡

    In my school it wasn't classrooms it was grades when we sold more box tops. And the slices.... eh they were better than what I thought!

  • Juanita Delgado
    Juanita Delgado

    WELL!!! the first time I saw this I was 2 weeks away from getting out of school.

  • Thaddeus Gamez
    Thaddeus Gamez

    I'm quite but I'm in the saker zone😢😢😭😭😭

  • Sophia Nicole
    Sophia Nicole

    I have Ben in the teacher zone every time lol📝

  • Anija Li
    Anija Li

    Schools are out by now Cries in school ends on the 27th

  • Lara Robinson
    Lara Robinson

    *me just reading the captions because why not* “he the funniest t-shirt ever!” o.o LOL

  • Red Pandaz
    Red Pandaz

    My school isn’t over yet

  • Melani Gutierrez
    Melani Gutierrez

    The knee brace one, I'm calling her out, her name was Brielle, but we called her Bri.

  • Christine

    Did anybody else just zone out and then when the teacher call your name your confused and starting panicking

  • Kitten 1234
    Kitten 1234

    Boo 😒

  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    Omg yes so there’s this girl she like a pick me and she has this brace and she acts quirky bout it

  • Laurie S
    Laurie S

    My teacher did that to me the word search

  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    Me Neón that one girl with the perfect hand writing😅

  • Violet Strehlo
    Violet Strehlo

    When my school still hasn’t gotten out…

  • Violet Strehlo
    Violet Strehlo

    when your teacher laughs but no one else laughs… 😶

  • Violet Strehlo
    Violet Strehlo

    The first girl uses the force.

  • Amy Smith
    Amy Smith

    The nurses in schools only give ice packs trust me

  • _cherii

    At my school they give ice in ziploc bags wrapped in paper towels so when i would get one i would just eat the ice.

  • FREE Content
    FREE Content

    “Pretty sure schools are out by now” Pretty sure that is in 99.9% of the comments, Let’s get some hand sanitizer to kill those germs.

  • •xS a v_S a vx•
    •xS a v_S a vx•

    5:41 i got this "test" to it was the exact one with the words lol

  • Abigail Moore
    Abigail Moore

    Im that kid in my classes who takes notes even when your not supposed to, so the question i get the day before every test is, can i borrow your notes?

  • Anistyn Levandusky
    Anistyn Levandusky

    i can read *is nn exaple*

  • Alete Rodriguez
    Alete Rodriguez

    In the where you sit in class in escape zone and teacher zone or both me looking at the clock and me being nice the the teacher and being friendly

  • frogy👋😊


  • Edgar Chavez
    Edgar Chavez


  • It’s_Riio

    I was in the quiet zone :3

  • Gacha_Cloudy!

    *theres only that ONE girl in class that has THE perfect handwriting the nearest notes* Me: that’s me in my class…

  • john bowler
    john bowler

    1:55 when u have the exact same slippers :_:

  • 8-BitCross Plays
    8-BitCross Plays

    My math teacher just yelled at me

  • sunflowers1213

    When I have a guy ela teacher and a girl history teacher-

  • Ashleigh Kinion
    Ashleigh Kinion

    Im in the quiet zone

  • Floof

    yo in the slacker zone it is sooo accurate, and yes you people know who im talking to so jolynn if you seein this, Yes you definetly slacked off in that corner spot right there.

  • TotalDramaJada

    I hate summer school, even though I’ve never been to it😅

  • Jason


  • Jason

    In the setting I would be in the quiet zone

  • Alexandria Bultron
    Alexandria Bultron

    9:32 I’m the quiet seats I am smart pay attention and I am quiet ofc

  • ELG zesty
    ELG zesty

    When you are in the nurses office and the nurse calls your mom and your mom says he can stay in school 😔🔫👈

  • Alexandria Bultron
    Alexandria Bultron

    I’m the kid with the perfect handwriting the other kids look like hfjsbtjdjd

  • Agustin & Camilla Aguirre
    Agustin & Camilla Aguirre

    I like how my vice principal did that and he was a dude

  • Sophia

    I’m the opposite. I’ve always had a male English teacher and a girl history teacher😭😭👍🏻

  • Aleksander Skårvik
    Aleksander Skårvik

    I have never had a men as a teacher in my life!!!!

  • Ash Flames
    Ash Flames

    I feel luck my school nurse wasn't like that

  • Kynnedi Fleming
    Kynnedi Fleming

    Mrs.cranberry I'm so dead 💀 😭 🤣

  • Bakugo katsuki
    Bakugo katsuki

    2:15 our class room is down the corridor so we can’t hear everyone in other classrooms

  • Malika Singh
    Malika Singh

    Wait so I have a funny story so in year 5 we were doing our work when a freaking ice cream van went into our school parking lot and the the year 6 went to get ice cream the entire class was so jealous


    Pin me.

  • Jaidyn Briggs
    Jaidyn Briggs

    So the don't care about school and never turn in my homework andd got into fights with my teacher that's not true at all

  • Alby and Kitty
    Alby and Kitty

    I’m on the quite zone true