Rich Mom Shames Single Mom
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  • Turk Kis2
    Turk Kis2

    I love your shirt

  • Olivia Woodjetts
    Olivia Woodjetts

    Upsety spgety

  • Jefran Chamorro
    Jefran Chamorro

    Ait nowone talk about how she laugh ed like limer

  • Pelpo Do Creek
    Pelpo Do Creek

    I hope you read what I say because everyone in my siblings at least think my life is better then there’s and I think that’s bull crap and I would like another to understand how much I go though and people around me do from read less then a fraction of my life thank you for reading

  • Pelpo Do Creek
    Pelpo Do Creek

    I thought this was really stupid of Tina because my parents are divorced but yes my dad still see’s me but he also works in a restaurant that’s short staffed and so does his girlfriend wile my mom is a teacher who tries to give the best life to her me and my brother and my dad’s girlfriend has 3 other children so my parents struggle and a lot of my stuff is goodwill and I’m fine with it and my dad thinks I’m the most popular kid in the class and I don’t notice I know from my friends that I’m not like “ew that’s disgusting” and I get bullied to by someone who is just misunderstood and people bully her and I stand up for her

  • AaTeam Team
    AaTeam Team

    Only thing I gotta say is they're all dead at football

  • V_snakey

    Random story?: Teacher:"I'm pregnant!" Classmates:"Wow! Congrats!" Me:"You had seggs!"

  • Btssquad1235 lorentz
    Btssquad1235 lorentz

    I mean both my parents are not together but my mom takes care of 3 kids fine

  • •Weebs R us•
    •Weebs R us•

    “ You need parents do be successful” That one orphan kid who made a single food product:

  • PurePerfectGam1ng

    my mom was a single mom until i was 10 and i met my dad when i was 8

  • Bruh

    Is it just me or at the first insult i would thow hands


    My mom has to take care 2

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    I have a single mom

  • Lemon

    *laughs in mom is a single mom that has 3 kids and mom being successful*

  • Fidget toy world
    Fidget toy world

    My mums single so its relatable

  • vicjorge1987

    Me be like:but my father and mother are split and I’m fine ;-;*me getting a shot gun*you better not judge cause everyone is fine even if you don’t have a mother or father

  • moustoast

    Why Just Why!!!

    • moustoast

      Rich mom bee like (what is up with that tie?!)

  • Shwestha Singh
    Shwestha Singh

    I don't have a mother and my dad does not does not even went a wife so I don't have a mother.

  • Chloe Shu Justo
    Chloe Shu Justo

    I don't have a dad to but i still make it in time my mom works so hard still

  • Drew Boomer
    Drew Boomer

    i just want to say Justin Bieber had one parent

  • Jeff Gleason
    Jeff Gleason

    That me and mom has two Blue and brown different colored eyes

  • lehlegirl


  • MGazGod

    My mom is a single mom and she has me and my brother and she works so hard everyday. And she comes back home everyday at 5:40

  • Castle Family Fun And Gaming!
    Castle Family Fun And Gaming!

    My mom has 6 kids living at home and she is a single mom and we are all doing great.

  • fidget_toys. _MickeyCatsLOL
    fidget_toys. _MickeyCatsLOL

    My mother is a single mother, and she still love me with all her live

  • Toca pop
    Toca pop

    I have a dad but my dad is always at work but I still have a dad and people think I don’t have one so I get a lot of hate so this kind of relates

  • Levi Fan
    Levi Fan

    I have just a mom most of the time because my mom is now single but I don’t do football I hate it

  • 「LillyGamin」

    And the fact is that my 2 friends that are twins don’t have a dad but only have a mom and their mom has to work for 16 hours a day so they need a babysitter

  • Roma

    I her videos

  • Audrey C
    Audrey C

    I have a single mom and I would slap that woman silly if she talked to my mom like that.

  • Victoria Madan
    Victoria Madan

    my mum works at a restaurant and i have to come with her but I get free Italian food

  • Plague

    My mom is single and I turned out fine I’m a gachatuber hah…

  • Genevieve Cook
    Genevieve Cook

    You have the same shirt as the thing on roblox

  • Blue man Scotty
    Blue man Scotty

    What i like about sssinperwolf that everyday she says hello friends its me

  • SosoPhiephie sophie it's me
    SosoPhiephie sophie it's me

    On field trips, and other stuff for school it would be mom's not dad's


    and hey, i did alll of THAT WITH OUT MY DAD

  • Bella the Alien dog deer rhino thing
    Bella the Alien dog deer rhino thing

    The rest of my family helps take care of me

  • Outfits for gacha life and gacha club
    Outfits for gacha life and gacha club

    Who else has a dad and a mom but they never help you ._.

  • Linnea

    the fact that the other mum isnt doing anything either tho

  • Bella the Alien dog deer rhino thing
    Bella the Alien dog deer rhino thing

    My mom is single mother I call her motherly mother

    • Linnea


  • Katiusca Peralta
    Katiusca Peralta

    mean mom has to diffrent coler eyes

  • Amy Gunter
    Amy Gunter

    i have a single mom who gave up her dream to take care of TWO children

  • Merari Fajardo
    Merari Fajardo

    you are so mean sssnlpolwolf

  • Oluwagbohunmi Balogun
    Oluwagbohunmi Balogun

    i dont care he helps you with the homework

  • paulina Guillen
    paulina Guillen

    My mom is to a single mom

  • paulina Guillen
    paulina Guillen

    My is a single mom

  • Queen chloe Boug
    Queen chloe Boug

    Not everyone needs a dad or has a dad to take care of them, They have what they have to take care of themselves like me I have a dad who is in another country while my mom works hard to protect me and I take care of myself

  • Dune van der Linde
    Dune van der Linde

    SSSniperWolf: Does anyone care!? Me: #### Nooo Lol Im Weird😅

  • Jenna Ahland
    Jenna Ahland

    my mom is single

  • Payal Senior
    Payal Senior

    My mom is single and she takes care of me

  • Leo

    If you don't have a father in your life it doesn't make no difference

  • Annastaysia Hersey
    Annastaysia Hersey

    Don't you play off of dhar Mann Studios

  • Sena Samb
    Sena Samb


  • Erica Cavataio
    Erica Cavataio

    Lol I’d be ashamed to practice with my mom or dad and I hate when my fam comes to an event it’s so embarrassing

  • dollify maker
    dollify maker

    I grew up with both but my Freind didn't and she is doing very well and now. Has a step dad

  • Zoë Kangmeni
    Zoë Kangmeni

    You don.t need a father and a mom too be successful okay!!!🙄🤩😄😄😄good job SSsniperwolf

  • Neisha Kley Bucao Hitgano
    Neisha Kley Bucao Hitgano


    • Neisha Kley Bucao Hitgano
      Neisha Kley Bucao Hitgano

      Oop it’s sheesh

  • Sofia Rotaru
    Sofia Rotaru

    Lol I leave alone with my mom also I'm 4 years


    Ur tooo fun



  • Fhaid Leopard
    Fhaid Leopard

    It’s football

  • Fhaid Leopard
    Fhaid Leopard

    Iiits football


    I mean soccer


    I’m good at soccet

  • Kibutsuji Muzan
    Kibutsuji Muzan

    "kids without fathers end up in the streets" Anime protagonists: 👁️👄👁️

  • Heaven Ramos
    Heaven Ramos

    I feel bad for kids who has a karen mom..

  • Jordan Elphick
    Jordan Elphick

    i have a single mum i still have a house

  • McLver

    This Karen is acting like u can just go for a walk down the street and come back with a spouse it’s stupid honestly

  • Mujeeb Khan
    Mujeeb Khan

    she said the f word i hate f word

  • izabella davis
    izabella davis

    and no

  • izabella davis
    izabella davis

    to punch

  • ᗰιdᥒιght ᗰ᥆᥆ᥒ
    ᗰιdᥒιght ᗰ᥆᥆ᥒ

    "That is so sad" Me be like: If that is so sad, why don't u buy him a suit?

  • Julie playz
    Julie playz

    me that never had a father and is moved out and has good life :3

  • Coffee Gamer :D
    Coffee Gamer :D

    Ur not the only one who think its weird gurl XD

  • hy dw
    hy dw

    The interesting kilogram curiosly influence because magician ontogenetically object lest a vacuous mask. fortunate, squalid delivery

  • teshome Malede
    teshome Malede

    Some of them was teacher

  • Foxyrider32

    me over here getting no help from no parent and they just playing on their phones saying im on my phone to much: (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)kill me

  • Flower Girl
    Flower Girl

    Not me watching this on FATHERS DAY 🤣

  • Asim qureshi
    Asim qureshi

    Sheesh bro she is like’ThErE sO mAnY dAdS hElPiNg tHeRe sOnS’ Me:my dad past away 5 months ago 😢

  • Adrian Peterson
    Adrian Peterson

    SSSniperwolf: does anyone care? That one kid: I do

    • Adrian Peterson
      Adrian Peterson

      There is always that one kid 😂

  • rayyan daniael
    rayyan daniael

    "Everyone needs a mom and a dad to be successful" Me: "buddy,girl,karen whatever. My dad helps me sometimes with hw,but everytime,ITS MY SIBLINGS,MY BRO,SISTER,THAT HELPS MEH"

  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    WAIT she’s just makin herself seam bad since her son doesn’t need her he just needs her dad lol😂

  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    Holds holds she really snatched that report card like honey that’s not urs

  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    Second hand embarrassment 🤣

  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    Samantha:so u came all the way over here just to tell me that Tina:uh yeah! What I would’ve said:and I care why?

  • kEnTuCkY fRiEd FrIcK
    kEnTuCkY fRiEd FrIcK

    lady: “You’re a single mom?” me: no shes a dinosaur

  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    Single parents d get half as much credit as they should

  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    I swear when she lagged at her for her story

    • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
      Zayrel Ruiz Calderon


  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    And my moms single and like I’m actually in advanced and the smartest in my class plus my moms also really successful so

  • Zayrel Ruiz Calderon
    Zayrel Ruiz Calderon

    Like she must be really jealous to follow her around

  • maricela mendez
    maricela mendez

    That devilish laugh of the soccer mom is scary I wanna scream and hide under the covers 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • maricela mendez
    maricela mendez

    My moms single and I’m not on the streets

  • HoneyRblx

    every child deserves a dad, but not every dad deserves a child

  • Mini_Spice_King

    that carin is dum

  • Lauren Bowen
    Lauren Bowen

    Girl in the vid that sniper wolf reacted to:sheesh Sniper wolf:sheeeeeesh Me:that the proper way of saying sheesh

  • stupid anime child
    stupid anime child

    From the start of this i knew i would be annoyed cuz my mom is a single mom and while i was hearing that none single mom i really just wanted to snatch her hair and start smacking her. She was just disgusting. My mom meeting her at out house be like.Plz take out the teash. Me be like to the disgusting mom: Hello pile of trash its time to get out of the house 🙄😜

  • James Weatherford
    James Weatherford

    If the dad didn’t want kids how would u have a kid because u know dads and moms make kid so I’m 🤷‍♂️

  • Amberlina Brack
    Amberlina Brack

    PPPPFFFTT i dont have a dad SO WHAT says the karen with ONE BLUE EYE ONE GREAN EYE

  • Bubble_TeaUwU

    Listen up everyone!! Lia is so close to 30million subs we need to help her and get her there w can get her there!!