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  • Jailyn Martodikromo
    Jailyn Martodikromo

    i like your zero two dance on tik tok its so cute

  • baIdski

    Ur rude when ur doing it that's so obv

  • Viktor Iltchenko Lage
    Viktor Iltchenko Lage

    Like I shared and you should to A perfect youtuber

  • Kristine in magic
    Kristine in magic

    i did the bubble hack it work

  • Ethan MAFUTA
    Ethan MAFUTA

    yo that's exactly like my house but our house is HUGE!!!!

  • Fadi ied
    Fadi ied

    Wow 😮 the sopa was your dog hat 👏👏you did it


    Omg nice house so beautiful and modern and so modern

  • Chloe Basura
    Chloe Basura

    What a huge and beautiful house do you have!!! Omg😱

  • albion. Hatdarai
    albion. Hatdarai

    When you put the trash bag you remind me of a star wars character

  • Sunil k Sawant Sawant
    Sunil k Sawant Sawant

    5:20 yay I love this prat because I leaned after I try 3 times and I leaned it and show to my mom she got very happy because I can dance like this BEST DAY AND TIME OF MY LIFE lol :D

  • CAI Kylie Student
    CAI Kylie Student

    She said she did a bad job on recreating Charli's Tiktok dance but she was pretty good for a beginner who's never posted a Tiktok dance video

  • Murshida Najnin
    Murshida Najnin


  • Laura Chandler
    Laura Chandler

    Ef them

  • Zahra Alghadeer
    Zahra Alghadeer


  • CatThatLikesNaps

    I got pink

  • Ευθαλια Λεριου
    Ευθαλια Λεριου

    Your like Charlie

  • Michael Andrés Becerra Zamorano
    Michael Andrés Becerra Zamorano


  • Mika Isidro
    Mika Isidro

    You dont look like trash

  • Lampsophia Clockndvkk Lola L a
    Lampsophia Clockndvkk Lola L a

    I am thankful are you a real person in real life and where do you live and where did you what is your state what country do you live in Paris to Florida

  • M U L T I X M I N S U G A
    M U L T I X M I N S U G A

    I tried the tow.e hack and AND IT WORKS

  • Sierra Hall
    Sierra Hall

    I really really really love your videos

  • Mae Marin
    Mae Marin

    this is more like a trying out tiktok hacks XD

  • Safaa Noor Rizwan
    Safaa Noor Rizwan

    1:35 Lmao

  • Taefto Taylor
    Taefto Taylor

    Biological sisters

  • Familie Wal
    Familie Wal

    Dont be shy make an intro!

  • Wyatt_ random
    Wyatt_ random

    The soap with towel I would do in the bath tub everyday when I was little

  • Jax Morgan
    Jax Morgan

    O'gara pink I'm ugly

  • Wolfy 5427
    Wolfy 5427

    1:37 'She got a badonka dong' 😂

  • Meron Solomon
    Meron Solomon

    Before I entered this vid ima be honest she kinda looked like Charlie

  • samantha ramdeen
    samantha ramdeen


  • Aubryn Skora
    Aubryn Skora

    Hi I love your videos

  • PJ Wallquist
    PJ Wallquist

    I remember getting a pink (eww)

  • Alyssa Hunter
    Alyssa Hunter

    The ugly alley latterly sparkle because sturgeon promisingly preach athwart a classy border. homeless, annoyed meal

  • Jaylynn Knowles
    Jaylynn Knowles

    Her clothes are just so cute!💙

  • Joy

    I was drinking bubble tea and found out the color is pink

  • Joy

    I got pinkkk bruhhhh

  • Velma Duncan
    Velma Duncan

    I hit the bell the notification but I love you vids can I get a shout out

  • AligatorKid

    Poor dog

    • Michelle Garza
      Michelle Garza


  • Farhana Chowdhury
    Farhana Chowdhury

    I 6

  • Jiyael Abalos
    Jiyael Abalos


  • 😇sweetlilycocopuff Gacha life and gacha club!!
    😇sweetlilycocopuff Gacha life and gacha club!!

    I was watching a movie like home the name was home and it was really sad at the end so I was crying really hard!!!

  • Lilly Bens
    Lilly Bens

    Im up at 4 in morning right now

  • Jniyah Bobb semple
    Jniyah Bobb semple


  • HellzBellzGaming

    You do water first not soap, so you were right

  • Balogun Adedayo
    Balogun Adedayo

    I have bad longs

  • Morisha Zoongie 😊
    Morisha Zoongie 😊

    What kind me laugh is when sssniperwolf say she got a bodokadong and then when she say boty looking like a dumbtruck😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lovetta Osby
    Lovetta Osby

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that was funny

  • Shiby Mathew
    Shiby Mathew

    If you want all the sauce at the bottom make sure you put the sauce upside down in the fridge

  • ya'u Tion
    ya'u Tion

    I highly recommend WAPTECS he is fast and legit he helped me back intó my girlfriend iphone in less than 2mins

  • Kelsay Holinaty
    Kelsay Holinaty

    OG fans know lia as yessica, the ceo of bein thiccc with a twist triple c's coming at you

  • Toby Heayns
    Toby Heayns

    What car do U have

  • Spider Family
    Spider Family

    Why do I laugh when you hurt yourself

  • Jr Rios
    Jr Rios

    Your videos are so cool

  • Ur local Crazy
    Ur local Crazy


  • Jelly Cat
    Jelly Cat

    For me it didn't work making bubbles

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law

    Jesus loves you

  • Dennis Love
    Dennis Love

    Best hacker WAPTECS ön lnstagram got my little girl into her cellphone back she forgot her passcode he's a genius and a pro

  • Jury playing Minecraft
    Jury playing Minecraft

    I'm 8

  • Jury playing Minecraft
    Jury playing Minecraft

    I have glasses

  • Z3YR0X SYN1X
    Z3YR0X SYN1X

    Now I know Lia drives a Nissan Gt-r

  • Lissett Mineros
    Lissett Mineros

    Pretty 🤩

  • Harper Vanzant
    Harper Vanzant

    If you get blue that means you’re rude

  • Katie simpson  roblox qween
    Katie simpson roblox qween

    My brother use to like you lol

  • Cecilia Hayes
    Cecilia Hayes

    I am a Yankee

  • Cecilia Hayes
    Cecilia Hayes



    Liaaaaaa y u gotta be so awesome

    • Lemonade Without Sugar
      Lemonade Without Sugar

      Lia gotta be awesome cs she is Lia a.k.a Sssniperwolfff

  • zo Alm
    zo Alm

    huge fan sniperwolf

  • Amelia jensen
    Amelia jensen

    5:50 when sssniperwolf when she let your dance when she just like now looked at her phone I fell off the bed laughing and sniper Wolf you're going to owe me a new arm out

    • Cambri Moss
      Cambri Moss


  • Mehar Fatima
    Mehar Fatima

    I love watching your videos 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • 1tsw0lf

    Very *bootiful* dancing

  • Jared Vlogger
    Jared Vlogger

    Ang tigas ng katawan 😂 😂 Only filipinos wil understand

  • nikisha Charles
    nikisha Charles

    Sssniperwolf she is nice my mom is at work now

  • Daleyza Contreras
    Daleyza Contreras


  • Ribbit

    Deletus to the fetus 😫😂😂

  • Ribbit

    Who else tried the magic trick with the soap 👇🏼 👇🏼

  • ^~▪︎•ShadoHidden•▪︎~^

    I hate how sometimes people think Charlie makes her own dances most of the time

  • Priya Saha
    Priya Saha

    She is not staying in a house she is staying inside the Royal Palace the house looks like a five star hotel

  • Sandy Lyn Canunayon
    Sandy Lyn Canunayon


  • Carmela Garcia
    Carmela Garcia

    Wow this actually works i'm so happy i make the biggest bubbles ever. Thank you for this awesome hacks Lia you're my biggest fans ever i love u so much.♥️♥️♥️

  • Kaylee Caesar
    Kaylee Caesar

    where is the huge mirror from!??

  • Cema Seeraj
    Cema Seeraj

    I love the color green

  • the twins family
    the twins family

    Sniper yasss queen I love your videos

  • flower palace
    flower palace

    I tried to do that the bottle went flying across the room

  • flower palace
    flower palace

    Dang her whole freaking kitchen back to her when she was trying to dance

  • flower palace
    flower palace

    My dog will start running away from me if I put bubbles on her head😂🤣😂

  • flower palace
    flower palace

    Trashin fashion

  • Katie Parada
    Katie Parada

    Which was ur favorite one?

  • N 1
    N 1

    Bruh she got the gtr

  • Sarita Montiel
    Sarita Montiel

    I actally tryed it the blowing one and it WORKED!!!! And my dad sentbit on snapchat!!!!!!!

  • Aaron


  • Aaron


  • Aaron


  • Aaron


  • Aaron


  • Erik Patino
    Erik Patino

    I got shaved ice and I got yellow and that means meh

  • Fidget Dark
    Fidget Dark

    That bidonkidonk lol your food bussin girlfriend

  • Teddy gamer
    Teddy gamer


  • segundo huerta
    segundo huerta


  • Carol Pupkin
    Carol Pupkin

    lia famly whaching ths: BuBbLeS

  • SXAlex

    am i tripping is some cuts of the video in the wrong place :/

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Ada Masalı 5. Bölüm
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