People Who Got Stuck In Weird Places
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  • Mary Ugay
    Mary Ugay

    how come they can get in but then they get stuck so then how did they come in? LOL

  • Camden Brewer
    Camden Brewer

    I just clicked and I’m only 10 seconds into the video and I already know I’m about to come across “I’m stuck step bro” jokes....

  • XiiUnknown

    Every time I tap on the link for raid legends so I can get my starter pack it doesn’t give it to me

    • XiiUnknown

      It just sends me the safari then you tap on the safari then it brings my to the app store

  • ꧁• Môôn •꧂
    ꧁• Môôn •꧂

    No wait when you did the raid game thing would your phone just flip it over because your upside down?

  • john carlberg
    john carlberg

    My stepsister got stuck in the washing machine once

  • Angelo Lucas
    Angelo Lucas

    Penny wise pulled her in

  • animal care
    animal care

    Hi sssniprw wolf

  • RJ Smith
    RJ Smith

    Worse place to get stuck is a group chat

  • dylan

    since i havent seen it yet... "Stepbro im stuck!"

  • Provokee

    I hate this video (I am claustrophobics) AHHHHHHH IT makes me feel so uncomfortable

  • chlo e Brum
    chlo e Brum


  • Zara

    8:07 is my aunt

  • Kyla Colburn
    Kyla Colburn

    The kid on the and jumpy

  • Hot Sosig
    Hot Sosig

    They are stuck like a big phat duck with no luck

  • Lincoln Dufresne
    Lincoln Dufresne

    “ not how Chair”

  • horses and cringe content
    horses and cringe content

    "its all great, until you fall into the grait" -sssniperwolf 2021

  • Arts&Crafts

    You should try to do art I think you will be good

  • predator gaming
    predator gaming

    I love your channels

  • predator gaming
    predator gaming

    My hero

  • Pump

    "Now your parents got to keep trying to play until they win you back, *if they want you back* " Damn that hit harder than my classmate falling in the stairs

  • James Wise
    James Wise

    4:24 she sounds like my mother

  • 1v1.lol_ kid
    1v1.lol_ kid

    The worst place to get stuck in is a train track

  • Chloey Baxter
    Chloey Baxter

    I'm first I'm in the 14k

  • Toga_simp


  • Tokenn Moto Racing
    Tokenn Moto Racing

    She aint stuck..she a transformer 😂

  • ItsDIYTime Bush
    ItsDIYTime Bush

    Umm the worst place to get stuck in is at the gym in the best place to get stuck in is it in your bed

  • Jaedyn Frazell
    Jaedyn Frazell

    i just joined the wolf pack i am a huge fan but my mom and dad wont let me get your murch :(

  • Logan Blaydoe
    Logan Blaydoe

    5:15 my friend broke his legs that

  • Jose Ruiz Perez
    Jose Ruiz Perez

    Omg so this one time I was at khima boardwalk and this kid was yellin who wants a lama and well we said yes and we followed him and he took us to a claw machine and we could for inside cuz the opening was huge so we got like 10 lol

    • Jose Ruiz Perez
      Jose Ruiz Perez


  • Tina Heffernan
    Tina Heffernan

    That looks like it Hearts

  • Cierra Jo
    Cierra Jo

    Stuck like a duck and said fu...frick😅

  • misledwig 4
    misledwig 4

    I say stuck as a duck that can cluck

  • muz mix moossa Moosaa
    muz mix moossa Moosaa


  • Bryce Gaming
    Bryce Gaming

    I have raid shadow legends

  • Gage Shafer
    Gage Shafer

    I got stuck in a vent one time well I it broke in my legs fell through it

  • 47 original objects
    47 original objects

    I played with one of these things when I was young they have holes in them the real don't work you have to use your legs 5:54

  • Dominator 66
    Dominator 66

    Sniper:Little billy did it again Me: Sees what was in the video in real life. Get footage send it to all friends. Friends: OMG she did it again

  • Dominator 66
    Dominator 66

    I think NPC’S will try to take over.

  • Addison Ayer
    Addison Ayer

    I got sick in a water slide for a while I screamed on the top of my lungs so my mom can come or the lifeguard

  • Euonia

    That raid game my auntie plays

  • Flo Tube
    Flo Tube

    Some won standing on da rolarcoater …..

  • Richelle Coco
    Richelle Coco

    making me feel unomfortable

  • Graygraybell1

    Getting stuck in dry cement 😫😫😫😫

  • haileigh brown
    haileigh brown

    MISS MA'AM..... YOUR HAIR??????????

  • Hiba Tb
    Hiba Tb


  • Audrey Gillian Santos
    Audrey Gillian Santos

    Can you try playing call of duty its so cool

  • Simplysky

    Ohhhhh billlllyyyyyy

  • Rico Nettles
    Rico Nettles

    Helloooooooooo that's illegal

  • kkk kkk
    kkk kkk

    Bruh i got trapped in a box

  • Diana C
    Diana C

    I've got stuck in a chair!!!

  • danielrichardpride6767

    Did she really have to implement her playin Raid while in the bathroom? Weird lol

  • Gregaell Delice
    Gregaell Delice

    I got stuck on a baby swing

  • -{Orange Door}-
    -{Orange Door}-

    U know u can use a fork to get the pickles out😑🙄

  • Ryan Tuddy
    Ryan Tuddy

    You just reminded me that I had raid and I played it for a few minutes then I come back and watch the video

  • Greyson Marks
    Greyson Marks

    4:15 I got kicked out of Dave and busters doing this lol

  • Kev & Friends
    Kev & Friends

    If I was stuck I wouldn’t jump down

  • gacha potato head
    gacha potato head

    if you wanna see illegal, can watch SSSniperwolf for all of them

  • Sylvia Martinez
    Sylvia Martinez

    The sound on the pickle jar one is funny

  • Dalton Armstrong
    Dalton Armstrong


  • CatQueen09

    6:04 blobfish vibes 🤣🤣

  • Oh God I never get my head stuck in a chair

  • I do stick my hand into a jar to get something🥲

  • Proplayz_Gaming_Queen

    1:00 happened to one of my classmates🤣

  • Scarlett Hancock
    Scarlett Hancock

    The worst spot to get stuck is a car that the battery dies.

  • Joury Hesham
    Joury Hesham

    Pls can you comment my comments bc ur the best and it’s one of my dream pls

  • Joury Hesham
    Joury Hesham

    I love ur videos sssniperwolf🥰😘👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙

  • Joury Hesham
    Joury Hesham

    But some are so scary and creepy

  • Joury Hesham
    Joury Hesham

    It’s super lol 😂

  • Joury Hesham
    Joury Hesham

    Theses people are stuck because there stupid and dumb um not being rude but seriously 😳 also I a huge. Fan sniperwolf I liked and subscribe and everything

  • Rohit from Youtube
    Rohit from Youtube

    You look very cute in that hairstyle!

  • Kharee Best
    Kharee Best

    The weird thing is is that when I was a baby i got stuck my my dad's seat belt and I had to get cut out ;-;

  • coca beans09
    coca beans09

    pennywise took that woman for the last one

  • literally_nobody_

    This reminds me of when my cousin got stuck in a chair

  • GlitchGurl Editz!
    GlitchGurl Editz!

    bro i could get out of that shoe rack


    My grampa punch the bathroom door and it beoke a hole when he was mad😅😅😅😅

  • Leah McArthur
    Leah McArthur

    The worst place to get stuck in is.......quick sand

  • Cydney Lemons
    Cydney Lemons

    Looks like blob fish. 6:07

  • Isabella Oldfield
    Isabella Oldfield

    Sssniperwolf i really love your hair 😊

  • Caleb Hayes
    Caleb Hayes

    hi lie do you know rikken

  • Michael Juwono
    Michael Juwono


  • Labhatskorn (Yipta) Chanahan
    Labhatskorn (Yipta) Chanahan

    In the news in Thailand (I live in Thailand) someone was stuck inside a sewer for 24 hours 😳

  • Juan Jimenez
    Juan Jimenez


  • Anuka Apple
    Anuka Apple

    whays wrong wihr your hair?

  • Giovanni Ü
    Giovanni Ü

    i LOVE the transition to being stuck upside down in a roller coaster to playing a game 🤰😃✌️

  • Blanket Apple
    Blanket Apple

    Try clash of clans

  • Sam Olson
    Sam Olson

    The gye stuck os a slid is not stuck its just his kid at the end of the slide

  • Margaret Tanori
    Margaret Tanori

    Sinpper wolf they move because a child walks the car lol😆😆

  • Toga himko!
    Toga himko!

    4:08 I did that when I was little and I was scared i have claustrophobia and I was ivi sud But I got the red dolphins and bear :D the damm good

  • Taylor Terrific
    Taylor Terrific

    Most of these people are just idiots not people who “ accidentally” Got stuck.

  • ☕︎︎ 𝕓𝕒𝕜𝕒 𝕤𝕒𝕟 ☕︎︎
    ☕︎︎ 𝕓𝕒𝕜𝕒 𝕤𝕒𝕟 ☕︎︎

    Can you make a video of Genshin Impact?

  • Andrew Depaz
    Andrew Depaz

    A sinkhole

  • Ava May Buxton
    Ava May Buxton

    In my school in the playground someone got stuck so you know the like toy eqwitment boxes things a boy in my class desided to sit in one so he keeps doing that and when the wisel went he did it agen bum firsed and he got stuck for 30 minutes he said he was a turtle but I wossent sure about that

  • Jeff Erickson
    Jeff Erickson

    What’s rough with you

  • Queen of Slytherin HP
    Queen of Slytherin HP

    Is it wrong that I made myself into a cylinder head when I was three but why does she look like a blob fish though

  • Bluebird 369
    Bluebird 369

    Worst place to get stuck = coffin

  • john renfroe
    john renfroe

    Plz tell us what happen in 4th grade sssniperwolf

  • Maya El-Ghourani
    Maya El-Ghourani

    Hey I am so happy to be in these comments!!


    The Whole in the car thing is so you can just use your feet and drive


    **me being stuck with two brothers that call me duck because my name starts with D** Sniper wolf: stuck like a duck with no luck Me: I know..... 😩😢

  • Unicorn Girl_Plays
    Unicorn Girl_Plays

    the game is so fun