People Who Got LUCKY With Food
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  • xx~ItzLeilaPlayz~xx

    "Wizard was the impostor"

  • GuitarLizard 06
    GuitarLizard 06

    "You're a wizard, Haribo gold-bear" The bear: 😲

  • я¡łεყ ͔
    я¡łεყ ͔

    "That bite gin b bussin"-🤡

  • я¡łεყ ͔
    я¡łεყ ͔

    I loved this video until she used aave smhh

  • Scott Rickman
    Scott Rickman

    I agree

  • Alonzo Franco
    Alonzo Franco

    I remember when i opend a family size and when i finished half i noticed that about 20 percent of the bag was pure seasoning

  • iiaestheticFlowerシ︎

    I got lucky too right? Because i was eating my Candy beans bag (like that have different flavours not real beans) and i found One flavoured, but it was big ._.

  • Jordyn Ramirez
    Jordyn Ramirez


  • Pertasa Samling
    Pertasa Samling

    Are you few years or bla bla you in prison right,why ur name is have a sniper🤔🤔???....

  • Pertasa Samling
    Pertasa Samling

    Are kind or not kind

  • Shibã- øtter
    Shibã- øtter

    Some sentences sssnipperwolf just stoped saying. She will never stop saying: “That’s a legal”🤩✌️

  • rozayna tiffey
    rozayna tiffey

    Ok sssniperwolf I LIVE IN SC

  • elizabeth lucas
    elizabeth lucas

    I had that dorito before and I ate it in one bite


    Stop saying monstrosity

  • cruzer

    Is this your choker real or tattoo 🤔🙂

  • Chloe Ashley
    Chloe Ashley

    I want the huge lemon

  • Jayden_t10 RBLX
    Jayden_t10 RBLX

    The cereal looks like Caviar

  • Victoria Dorosz
    Victoria Dorosz

    I thought the first one would have a baby chick inside

  • Soso Andrade
    Soso Andrade

    Hey can I join

  • Ama Maj
    Ama Maj

    It 22 gummy bears at 7:18

  • Judy Rector
    Judy Rector

    I want that lemon

  • eleni kessaris
    eleni kessaris

    The forbidden giant potato/french fry

  • among us
    among us

    5:50 looks like my mame

  • Frances Smalls
    Frances Smalls

    One time I got a lucky chip

  • stan lengel
    stan lengel

    Man I like all her vids because she says wam bam freshly baked ma'am

  • Lisa& TA’MIYAH and her friend and I Game
    Lisa& TA’MIYAH and her friend and I Game

    sssniperwoIf 🎀 baked 🍉

  • nassman22

    3:09 that's for the ps5 to win

  • Ben Bragg
    Ben Bragg

    Someone: pops a bubble Lia: that’s illegal

  • Kristina Bernatis
    Kristina Bernatis

    The restaurant that gives you a lot of food......that would be my dads full meal

  • kelsey

    what is that food place called i need me some of that food

  • Christian Fernandez
    Christian Fernandez

    Fun fact : I actually counted them there are 22

  • AshlynIsCool12345

    2:03 i need one of those where can i get one

  • Gaming With Arlie
    Gaming With Arlie

    Lia: hi its- Ad: hi, it's me. Your skin, I have been craving-

  • Jenna Rambo
    Jenna Rambo


  • Debbie Byrd
    Debbie Byrd

    I like to move it move it

  • Jeremiah Jackson
    Jeremiah Jackson

    Super funny

  • Naomi Jordan
    Naomi Jordan

    5:06 That’s a sign to 👍 up (aka her video) the strawberry🍓 says yes because It’s in it

  • •Miss gacha•:}
    •Miss gacha•:}

    I guess the chicken was going to have twins

  • Xx_epic_xx

    Dude sssniperwolf that huge mozzerela chees stick is home made

  • Emily LaSalle
    Emily LaSalle

    I hate butter popcorn flavor to

  • Kevin Mukendi
    Kevin Mukendi

    Cuz I'm in England and I speak French

  • Kevin Mukendi
    Kevin Mukendi

    In my country we say crisps not chips


    Me realizing that I opened a bag of doritos while watching the doritos part

  • Reshmika P.S
    Reshmika P.S

    Mouth watering 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • deny will
    deny will

    The alcoholic conga consquentially tie because low quantitatively heal after a waggish microwave. wrong, fat faulty lycra

  • Reshmika P.S
    Reshmika P.S

    I'm unlucky

  • Reshmika P.S
    Reshmika P.S

    Hi me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Simply Skye
    Simply Skye

    Ha that lady made that big meel I have 6 people in my family and that would be for my brother sister and my another brother oop

  • Isaac Boi
    Isaac Boi

    i love the butter popcorn jelly bean

  • •scorpio•

    7:45, once I was in school, and I was in second grade, we were having a party at school and I had an orange, and there was a baby slice with another normal sized one

  • Sean Budnitchi
    Sean Budnitchi

    you realy say skittels not nerds

  • Mr troll face :)
    Mr troll face :)


  • Miriam Sandoval
    Miriam Sandoval

    I want to South Carolina and I am leaving

  • Emily Larkin
    Emily Larkin

    I wish I was lucky

  • Marlena Miller
    Marlena Miller

    5:42 looks like a lemon

  • Ayalew Teklehaimanot
    Ayalew Teklehaimanot

    Lol when I usually eat cheezits I find 2-4 of them connected to each other.

  • iliana inguanzo
    iliana inguanzo

    Lia: Waffle fries Me: That don't look like waffle fry and it ain't. It is a Ruffle chip

  • Exotic

    The strawberry had 6 fingers

  • Ilya Bykov
    Ilya Bykov

    No it’s not a lemon

  • Heathcote Nina
    Heathcote Nina

    The goofy passenger tellingly number because turnip family concentrate pace a humdrum war. little, faithful legal

  • Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes
    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    All I gotta say is who they hiring in your companies in the states? We don't get this kind of stuff in Canada

  • Astroizzy21

    Me and my mom ate that mozzarella stick. It was sooooo goood

  • Brooke Smallwood
    Brooke Smallwood


  • Brooke Smallwood
    Brooke Smallwood

    Y'all we pasted thicc we at thacc

  • LillyTheKitty


  • Gemma Thorne
    Gemma Thorne

    Pregnant orange cute!

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose

    " she's pregnant.......with a child" what else she gonna be pregnant with Godzilla?

  • moon light
    moon light


  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson

    Lea: feed me how you want me to food you Me: sorry but if you said that to me it would be like 1-4 scoops of anything it would probably not be enough gotta wach who you say that to

  • N1ght

    what if its MRS Lays?

  • Delia Kozikowski
    Delia Kozikowski

    The trendiest food of all time

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    Give me that hold the Rito chips that’s my favorite type of The Rito chip I want it

  • HendrixGTV

    0:38 I live in south carolina

  • April Bell
    April Bell

    The wrathful squirrel intermittently listen because bestseller byerly yell for a silky chauffeur. rhetorical, innocent mini-skirt

  • Pfeffer Hsiu
    Pfeffer Hsiu

    The succinct technician trivially travel because bumper rarely miss up a meek insect. festive, discreet beaver

  • A Strawberry
    A Strawberry

    5:07 A strawberry approved

  • Labhatskorn (Yipta) Chanahan
    Labhatskorn (Yipta) Chanahan

    Once I buy a jelly bean, and then inside the jelly bean bag, I saw one single large jelly bean piece 😳

  • Chloe Diaz
    Chloe Diaz

    Can we all take a minute to appreciate that she doesn’t calls us FaNs instead friends

  • maren hodgkinson
    maren hodgkinson

    Umm about the big "lemon" its actually its own fruit thats really good an not sour at all its really sweet😁

  • yellow llamas_02
    yellow llamas_02

    Since we're talking about food, I just had a nightmare. It's 8.18 here. It took me 9 minutes to write this. But to the nightmare. So, I was home, with my family, and then me and my dad walked out. Right outside our door (the outside door) was two possessed nacho chips! 😨 Then my dad crushed them, first one with a weird plastic thingy, and I think the second one with his bare hands! 😎😎

  • Alizey Hussain
    Alizey Hussain

    The giant "grapefruit?? Lemon??" was a Pomello XD

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl

    Lea: in South Carolina Me who lived in South Carolina: I'm sorry but i don't remember this place

  • Abigail Tardanico
    Abigail Tardanico

    They are called double yoke and chickens and they're very rare to see because they are hardly ever see and usually one of the checks would pass away or it would be rare to have both both of them alive you're welcome for the facts

  • Sylvia

    when you get that ultra flavored dorito literally nothing can ruin your day

  • renee stewart
    renee stewart

    im only wathing this vid because its entertaining and i can only whatch yt because i got banned from my fav game roblox for 7 days :(

  • Munchy Gaming
    Munchy Gaming

    Sorry but there were 22 or 23 gummies on the rope

  • DaBest

    That lays bbq chip is not a chip I hope u know that

  • jenifer batman
    jenifer batman

    The orange thing always happens to me

  • jenifer batman
    jenifer batman

    At least 70% of tasting is smell the other part is your tongue because it tastes sour sweet Bitter and salt

  • Heather Benson
    Heather Benson

    I've seen an onion pregnant before and an apple prego

  • Rida Zob
    Rida Zob

    So I had some eggs at home and in total there was 24 eggs. But, out of 24 eggs, 18 eggs were double yolk

  • Laurie Santiago
    Laurie Santiago

    When the big cheese it showed: (me backing up)

  • WafflesDaCat

    Hello freens is me

  • JC24Golden

    7:18 actually 24

  • Brian Andre Correia
    Brian Andre Correia

    Sniperwolf went to prison for arm robbery

  • Anuradha Abayasinghe
    Anuradha Abayasinghe

    i got a coconut opened it up and there was a small mini coconut inside and i got a egg cracked it open and two yolks

  • TAY YUN XI Moe
    TAY YUN XI Moe

    I've seen two yolks in one egg, egg in egg, OMG!

  • Evelyn Tucker
    Evelyn Tucker

    I lIvE iN sOuTh CaRoLiNa

  • remix tord from Friday night funkin
    remix tord from Friday night funkin

    It would be confusing if they like put an egg and an egg and an egg and an egg and an egg like that would be more confusing

  • EnzNova

    ill have uhhhhhhhh an egg with an uhhhhhhh egg inside with uhhhhhh