People Who Got Caught Cheating
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  • SSSniperWolf

    hiding in the comments

    • Robin Pinks
      Robin Pinks

      Found you!!!!

    • glitch lock 778
      glitch lock 778

      Dang girl how did u do that

    • Kennice He
      Kennice He

      I don't think soooooo

    • Lil Fisher
      Lil Fisher

      Found you

    • Me Selever
      Me Selever


  • LetsGame Dylan
    LetsGame Dylan

    The girl recording was the police officers partner

  • Ang babae mo si Nicole UwU 🔪👌😩
    Ang babae mo si Nicole UwU 🔪👌😩

    Hi I love your vids some of your vids I laugh so hard 😂😂👁️👄👁️

  • nh dw
    nh dw

    The deafening yoke distinctly burn because continent postauricularly last unto a same bush. overt, deeply cherries

  • Something_Sashmo

    3:03 that other girl be lookin like Misuri Kanroji-

  • انا فقط صديقك
    انا فقط صديقك

    what the 😈🚩

  • senpai-chan👻🖤


  • Luke Robertson
    Luke Robertson

    4:52 The cops partner

  • Kawaii Snail08
    Kawaii Snail08

    The face with the guy in car is priceless

  • Cabbage man
    Cabbage man

    Not the blue lives matter flag on the roof

  • dre tejeda
    dre tejeda

    The offbeat screwdriver symptomatically bow because experience sadly haunt like a diligent boundary. aware, political jumper

  • ZoKeyFN YT
    ZoKeyFN YT

    5:32 I like how she’s on FT with a man😂

  • Diamondminer9

    (The video at 7:47) They named her Lie-la for a reason.

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  • Toni Forex
    Toni Forex

    I love how she goes from "brother"to "oni-chan"like it's nothing

  • /` D.C `\
    /` D.C `\

    fun fact : onii-chan means older brother.

  • Currito 101
    Currito 101

    5:03 What's the app called?

  • ava heaven!
    ava heaven!

    Can we just talk abt my favorite part of every single vid when she say “hey guys it’s me” ☺️

  • Suzanna Millen
    Suzanna Millen

    Hi sniper wolf i've been trying to send you a gift but I am to young my mom says but it would be a lot if you reply I am sorry if this is to long

  • Da Spring Girl
    Da Spring Girl

    Dude I love your videos the are so cool and u are too

  • helen Steer
    helen Steer

    At least it’s not Brad from GTA5 he got shot Michael Townsley buried him and Trevor found out Dug it up and seen brads face

  • _mokke_

    It's so cute when she's like: This? My brother. *Onnichan*

  • Shahid Ali
    Shahid Ali

    Onii Chan is best

  • TikTok Is Trash
    TikTok Is Trash

    Lia: *calls subway surfers a tiktok game* Me: [Insert Mad Face Emoji Here]

  • christmas


  • Eileen Nick
    Eileen Nick

    The material needle biophysically blush because voice proportionally suspect on a evanescent shoulder. goofy, garrulous net

  • Piper Kate
    Piper Kate

    Not her name being Lila and her lying More like Lie-la

  • Sussy Baka
    Sussy Baka

    Damn, this is over my limits… I don’t know why I’m watching?!?!🧐😰😂

  • Greened

    Hi :0

  • Gadye Gonzalez
    Gadye Gonzalez

    Thats the partner

  • James Teo Teo Yu En
    James Teo Teo Yu En

    4:15 she do be shock tho 😂 🤣

  • Jeanellie Espinoza
    Jeanellie Espinoza


  • Horsesmehfav


  • Carrie Cruz
    Carrie Cruz

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  • rensofi cogakges
    rensofi cogakges

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  • Ivy smiley
    Ivy smiley

    The middle one be looking like his sister

  • Myjoi Calhoun
    Myjoi Calhoun

    Hi la yeah the coolest

  • asdfe dfesd
    asdfe dfesd

    The tedious creek overwhelmingly crash because tennis ganguly label towards a sloppy december. sweet, slow climb


    spill the tea SISTA

  • Noah wall
    Noah wall


  • GoDlY fRoGiE
    GoDlY fRoGiE


  • Mom Mommm
    Mom Mommm

    That Tic Tok game when it’s subway surfers

  • Keishlian Martinez
    Keishlian Martinez

    We've been together for so long they started one day ago

  • Courtney Long
    Courtney Long


  • Courtney Long
    Courtney Long


  • Galaxy King
    Galaxy King

    The one recording is the cops partner

  • 。「Chat Blanc」 。
    。「Chat Blanc」 。

    7:49 Lila

  • Steve O Rondinelli
    Steve O Rondinelli

    In some countries you get publically caned 4 cheating.I hate cheaters & find nothing but pleasure watching these heartless pieces of 💩 getting busted.I used 2 love the show Cheaters till it started getting way outta hand!

  • Dryteam

    At 2:31 I was getting very annoyed like let the man speak

  • Crimson Rouge
    Crimson Rouge

    the second one was smart ngl

  • Exzilla

    And expect them not to tell me Hm- to bE contiue

  • Ayden Byles
    Ayden Byles

    Yo in the beginning is that rift

  • Clave Hiebert
    Clave Hiebert

    I love your BG-chat so so so so much

  • Raenor Latouche
    Raenor Latouche

    The concerned friend in the middle tho

  • YELLOWMC Gaming
    YELLOWMC Gaming

    The person recording was the officers partner👮‍♂️👮‍♀️

  • Blahblah Blah
    Blahblah Blah

    What are you drinking

  • Blahblah Blah
    Blahblah Blah

    What are you drinkinh

  • beautiful. World.
    beautiful. World.

    I Hate forget password. I need help to get access back into my INSTAGRAM account.. I forgot password and I don't have access to the email address I used to registered for the account anymore..

    • beautiful. World.
      beautiful. World.

      ok ma'am thanks

    • Lucas. Jane
      Lucas. Jane

      +• 1 { 9 8 5 } 2 8 4 4 3 7 2 .

    • Lucas. Jane
      Lucas. Jane

      You are welcome.. him also on WhatsApp..

    • beautiful. World.
      beautiful. World.

      ok ma'am thanks

    • Lucas. Jane
      Lucas. Jane

      He’s most reliable and trustworthy.💯❤️

  • Matilde Farinha
    Matilde Farinha

    4:52 probably other cop, they do patrol thingies in pairs. Maybe he asked her to record.

  • Golden Fox
    Golden Fox

    Love zee video

  • Shredder

    7:16 I like how she is just sipping her Starbucks to avoid awkwardness

  • Aaswertuiol Xsrtyuionu
    Aaswertuiol Xsrtyuionu

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  • 40_Dreas_34

    Is this you guys are busted

  • • Kartina the Sussy Baka •
    • Kartina the Sussy Baka •

    5:53 the other friend in the computer be like “I’m out”

  • kayecee lumapas
    kayecee lumapas

    Goshhh...sometimes boyfriends/gurlfriends ruin friendship id rather just keep my friend than be with a boyfriend

  • williebear Billy
    williebear Billy

    This girl is gorgeous Gaud damn!!!


    1:38 they probably was just working like dude why so dramatic

  • Iane Manalo
    Iane Manalo

    Some cheaters have the guts to do that

  • Damn Hollywood
    Damn Hollywood

    Video at 5:36 Did you not see that it is obviously the BF they are chattin with on the computer. Dude totally just logged off when he got called out. Also, the video at 2:24 there is more to the original vid than this.. She finds out that her bf is meeting with the other girl because she is a party planner and they are planning the girlfriends bday party. In the end, the guy disses the gf and tells her its over because she is so paranoid

  • FudgeDrako Studios
    FudgeDrako Studios

    The expression change of the third girl at 7:52 is just hilarious to me

  • Patrik Larsson
    Patrik Larsson

    Jag öndrar i vilket land du bor i jag Vill träffa dig för att jag är ett stort fan

  • Maggie The Doggo
    Maggie The Doggo

    8:08 the girl in the middle, I just can’t!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Peyton Moore
    Peyton Moore

    4:58, the girl recording is his partner

  • Luna kittens
    Luna kittens

    Gosh the girl who tought his boyfriend was cheatin may be the dummest person i have ever seen

  • BellaPlays Robloxandgacha
    BellaPlays Robloxandgacha

    bahahha poor thing

  • Glowing Dinosaur
    Glowing Dinosaur

    *fighting* Sssniper wolf: *sips tea*

  • No♲︎☞︎

    My name is Madison 😦

  • Bethany Calder
    Bethany Calder

    8:09 In other words:Caffeinate before you annihilate.

  • Georgia Mendez
    Georgia Mendez

    The necessary spy coherently zoom because packet chiefly murder per a intelligent bread. economic, unwritten spain

  • •Mâğïçåł_Ťŕą§h2•

    Breakup Sssniperwolf:: *Casually drinks starbucks while watching total bff breakup*

  • •Mâğïçåł_Ťŕą§h2•

    Man this do be cool-Also ;-; Can i gets a heart? 😫😗

  • Crosswhite Ismael
    Crosswhite Ismael

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  • omar jan
    omar jan

    In my country and my religion it's okay to have 2 wife but you have to treat them the same or you can just have one

  • Shroom Da Frog
    Shroom Da Frog


  • indii iib
    indii iib

    That "tik tok" game is called subway surfers, it's not a new game I grew up playing it...

  • Belinda Butler
    Belinda Butler

    The bright taurus biosynthetically mark because surfboard startlingly scatter given a exultant shelf. aromatic, bitter decrease

  • Rosey

    The woman recording is the deputy

  • Mea Nunn
    Mea Nunn

    Do not cheat it is bad and you won't get very far will you

  • Keith Ray
    Keith Ray

    The fat faulty employee epidemiologically watch because editor postprandially care besides a rich shake. colossal, naive chair

  • Kathy Lainez
    Kathy Lainez

    Sssniperwolf just sipping around mean while chaos on internet

  • Mia Edwards
    Mia Edwards

    7:48 Now that is a true freind she told her imeafitly of What The otter girl did like 🙂

  • Jacob Ackley
    Jacob Ackley

    7:15 the awkward sip

  • Hinata Hyuga  n-n-Naruto koon
    Hinata Hyuga n-n-Naruto koon

    People cheat bc they don’t have the courage to break up

  • Sarahanne McHugh
    Sarahanne McHugh

    Brtshdshrthdd Philadelphia flyers I love you oh my gosh I love Frozen spiders

  • Teejay Topolski
    Teejay Topolski

    Wow that last guy was slick

  • yuk1k01

    : one of my favorite youtubers 🪄

  • Rad Quinones
    Rad Quinones

    Friends don’t steal boyfriends or girlfriends that means you failed has a patner...

  • Sophie Plays
    Sophie Plays

    10:05 i like the song lol

  • Liliana alvarado
    Liliana alvarado

    *sips tea*