Karens Who Got Caught On Camera
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  • Lina Inverse
    Lina Inverse

    Old lady with the flag be all like: MOOOORTAL KOMBAAAAAAT!!!!! *insert Mortal Kombat theme song here*

  • Tre Quintana
    Tre Quintana

    I think my mom is a Karen my mom because of teenagers she cussed them out because trying to crash in to me and it was go karts I was so embarrassed

  • Perl Devil
    Perl Devil

    You know I would’ve just kicked the First Lady off 💀How do ppl stay so patient

  • Kai T
    Kai T

    We both know that's a wig LEAH

  • Samantha Muse
    Samantha Muse

    Dude that dog was so cute

  • Shadowwolf

    Lia : “ sometimes life is not fair ” Me : true like when a Karen is trying to take your parking spot 😂

  • GachaNerd18

    Once I was at a Five Below and I asked a lady where something was because I couldn’t find it and she said she didn’t work there and I was so embarrassed 😭😭✋🏻

  • Lake Carrigg
    Lake Carrigg


  • Sirens of Dauphin County
    Sirens of Dauphin County

    The karen that block parking lots I would drive and hit them don't care u don't move it is your fault that u got hit who else would do that

  • Abbi Nicolee
    Abbi Nicolee

    Isn't the woman from 5:15 the same woman from another one of SSSniperWolfs Karen videos who refused to put on a mask entering the restaurant and literally made the employee so mad she quit?!?!?!?!?!

  • Santy Plays
    Santy Plays

    My mom is a Kind like a karen but no that much but IM NOT BLONDE

  • Brooke Gilmore
    Brooke Gilmore

    The flag was touching the ground so it has to get burned

  • Watch_Dogs 2 the channel
    Watch_Dogs 2 the channel

    I hate Karen's

  • Sam Wills
    Sam Wills

    Bro if I ran into a Karen I would not have the patience to be kind the whole time-

  • Jack Star
    Jack Star

    is she wearing a wig??

  • Finn Lava
    Finn Lava

    The Karen swinging the flag can be the new NFL leader 🤣

  • AlinaGaming 22
    AlinaGaming 22

    Car karen

  • ABA Squad
    ABA Squad

    God and Jesus love you.

  • Aisha Albusairi
    Aisha Albusairi


  • Thund3r_ Bolt
    Thund3r_ Bolt


  • Caleb440 Vlogs
    Caleb440 Vlogs

    This happend to my mum and dad they whent in ther wrong uber and they got chucked out half way

  • Ris Riego
    Ris Riego

    The Karen seems familiar on the exact 5 minute sharp on the video... isn’t she the Karen who was doing her thing and the partimer quitted because of her?

  • tocalife_ story02
    tocalife_ story02

    Girl with her bf she is so ree

  • Saitama

    If anyone experiences a karen just look up on youtube roadhog saying:what us gonna shut you up (roadhog is a overwatch charachter btw if yall didnt know)

  • Haven Flores
    Haven Flores



    "This is not Europe !" ...🤣🤣 She is so ignorant.

  • Ash Ashaya
    Ash Ashaya

    Wtf kinda off brand kwik trip is that 🤨

  • Friendly : D
    Friendly : D

    1:32 I dont think that girl is a karen, mainly because it looks like hes not wearing a mask and shes probably just trying to do her job

  • Brandie Tromp
    Brandie Tromp

    That's the toco bell by my place

  • Star Wars501st101
    Star Wars501st101

    If a woman came up to my moms car and knocked on my window I would’ve rolled down the window and screamed in her face “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS HERE”

  • Star Wars501st101
    Star Wars501st101

    I would’ve told that phone girl “the world is not all about me me me so your gonna get the appointment in 2 weeks or not at all”

  • Star Wars501st101
    Star Wars501st101

    If a girl blocked a parking space I would drive around and come back and honk at her make her chase me and park in the parking spot and wait til she got tired 😂

  • Star Wars501st101
    Star Wars501st101

    I would’ve shoved that first clip lady on the ground for opening my door

  • Tom Nguyen
    Tom Nguyen

    9:56 that ksi

  • Raigen Norris
    Raigen Norris

    And dosn’t mean I have short hair dosn’t mean I’m a karen like bruh I don’t say “CaLl tHe MaNaGeR “ like .-.

  • Raigen Norris
    Raigen Norris

    So one of my friends got called by a karen and I forgot why and I’m the same as my friend bc I got called by a karen to for being angry bc the others were being a jerk and ask8ng Nicely to stop so yeah

  • Vance Vicente
    Vance Vicente

    Aye! That's the same Karen that made an employee quit 'cause she don't wanna wear her mask. I just noticed it.

  • christian stitt
    christian stitt


  • Raymond Hernandez
    Raymond Hernandez

    You are so funny!

  • 🖤☯️Gabie the cuteness💖✝️
    🖤☯️Gabie the cuteness💖✝️

    But I’m going to Karen hunting ÙwÛ

  • Brenda Candelario
    Brenda Candelario


  • LuzØn

    “He waddling down the street” “Just like me”

  • Belinda Butler
    Belinda Butler

    The subdued faucet willy tease because heron bailly walk onto a delirious billboard. temporary, demonic pizza

  • claudia Kujawa
    claudia Kujawa

    Its the Karen that got the girl to Quit her job

  • Zoe Teuchert
    Zoe Teuchert

    You are on the wrong side of the road this isn’t Europe😂😂😂😂 The only Country who drives on the left in Europe isn’t even part of Europe any more😂😂😂😂

  • Maria Camacho
    Maria Camacho

    Yo sssniper wolf gota wig on

  • Artemis Willøw
    Artemis Willøw

    Sometimes I wonder if these Karens are even Karens or just genuinely bored and to get attention they start trolling.

  • Maria Rivera
    Maria Rivera

    Hey! Mental hospital just call? It's time take your antidepressants medications and chill out and get grip or you be put on 5150 unit padded room? Get straight jacket on do get a grip.

  • Sarah Chaplin
    Sarah Chaplin

    That mask is brilliant though lol

  • Katerina Kotorri
    Katerina Kotorri

    There is a Karen that is Arguing to put on a mask when last time she was arguing in a Restaurant to put on a mask and made somebody quit

  • Darealgamerkid

    Best roast towards a Karen meets lia Put ur best roast in 👇

  • Abi Lee
    Abi Lee

    *someone doesn’t wear a mask* they are a karen…but the person telling them to put a mask on is not a karen. *someone wears a mask that looks like a face* they are not a karen…but the person telling them to wear a mask is a karen. um-i can’t be the only one that notices that is kinda hypocritical

  • Rocky bordo
    Rocky bordo

    That chick was sunburt as hell


    It like acting like a child

  • Anisa._

    2:11 her daughter is like: pls kill me

  • RubyCat Plays
    RubyCat Plays

    I swear to god I saw one of those karens

  • • Milky Rose •
    • Milky Rose •

    1:33 i dont even know which one is the Karen XD

  • Karleen Karuo
    Karleen Karuo

    The first Vid of kenren bruh where is the road hahah omg that not the road the road is bruh

  • Kada Ebert
    Kada Ebert

    SS sniper wolf: stop you keep facing yourself oh just fine because then I can have my contacts heh mE: OK I know but like you couldn’t make your own show and then you stop with your contacts OK no I’m stupid

  • Tebu Kitty Gaming
    Tebu Kitty Gaming

    Pusheen in the background……?

  • Aadii

    Dodge journey… Been a staple of my childhood…

  • bob chowning
    bob chowning

    karen -joke is on you

  • Anne Stavast
    Anne Stavast

    The first one be like we are not Europe. Miss ma'am Karen we also drive on the right side of the damn road

  • rebeliuspl

    Bruv i would call the cops on my parents bc my mum almost just broke my back, my ankle and my arm omg-

  • Kate Dias
    Kate Dias

    I have never deal with a karen ever btw love your videos

  • Rocio _1118
    Rocio _1118

    Wait, she said: “this is not Europe, you drive on the right side of the road” ma’am in Europe we drive on the right side of the road like in America

    • Jeffrey Durham
      Jeffrey Durham

      United Kingdom is all of Europe to a Karen.

  • Jotie Van
    Jotie Van

    Only in America

  • George Kriketos
    George Kriketos

    0:28 doesn’t most of Europe drive on the right side of the road

  • Lillianna Casanova
    Lillianna Casanova

    Are they really Karen’s if there making sure someone’s wearing a mask like there trying to make sure that whoever’s not being a douche

  • Lily LM
    Lily LM

    Video idea! Karen’s who got roasted big time!

  • petcu mihaelad
    petcu mihaelad

    In the video when the karen "saved her boyfriends spot" The man could've just hit her or dragged her out so she could move gosh such a huge karen💅💅

  • Jessica Blackcat
    Jessica Blackcat

    2:40 heh, Big Momma moment

  • The watcher exe2.0
    The watcher exe2.0

    Karen’s are toilet paper🦨

  • 🦧🦧🐖🐖RATGANG🐀🐀🦛

    also who just wants to slap the f*ck out of a karen

  • 🦧🦧🐖🐖RATGANG🐀🐀🦛

    i feel like when SSsniper wolf talks about the Karen’s she should actually say ‘that’ to them cause she got good explaining

  • Angie Angel
    Angie Angel

    ooooo the stupid people

  • Olivia Parker
    Olivia Parker

    10:23 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇺🇸 on the ground it not supposed to touch the ground and she dragged it and swung it. I have nothing to say about that...😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Emelie Hill
    Emelie Hill

    Wop wop that’s the sound of the police wop wop that’s the sound of the police wop wop

  • Arctic

    These Karens are super rare species of Karens, they're Spoiled karens. These species of karen are extremely rare due to people mistreating them, turning them from spoiled karens to the Common english Karen.

  • Shame

    "I mean i don't know why you would wear a mask like that, who'se supposed to know that you're wearing a mask then?" That's not the reason people wear masks karen, smh 🙄

  • TheOneAndOnlyEveequte

    Once a Karen egged my moms friends car because they took the parking spot she “owned”

  • Music god L
    Music god L

    Who else thinks sssniperwolf is cute😍 👇

  • Gamersanonymous

    I remember the good ole days when she talked normal

  • Ryan Fiecke
    Ryan Fiecke

    Every time I saw that American flag touch the ground I was like don't let it touch the ground

  • Wargod09

    The last Karen, the flag is not supposed to touch the ground and if it does you have to bern it in a way.

  • Timothy Edmund
    Timothy Edmund

    We've seen this Karen before she made the girl quit in the restaurant and then put her mask on

  • ih98

    The “hello it’s me” is the literally the best part of day

  • Kathryn. Your vid a little bad Mclaughlin
    Kathryn. Your vid a little bad Mclaughlin

    My bro has anxiety and this lady knocked on the window and was talking to me I tell u I was gonna pee pee myself


    I hate when Karen's react overdramatic to things but yet it is so funny😂😂😂😂

  • ★enxara★

    Hehehe "nacho fries" if you say that a couple times, you can hear "not yo fries" so that karen doesnt deserve those fires 😈✨

  • Safaerul Shakib
    Safaerul Shakib

    28 millon simp detected

  • Giyuu Tomioka
    Giyuu Tomioka

    Im crushing on the person bellow me \ V

  • Amber Gamer girl
    Amber Gamer girl

    Congrats karens you won the most trash person in the world 😎😎😎😎

  • Reese Williams
    Reese Williams

    Once at the dollar store a person tried stealing a 1$ basketball 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Katelyn Williams
    Katelyn Williams

    I hate Karens

  • gacha grace
    gacha grace

    Is this what a Karen do Random guy:(calls mean names) My MOM:(opens car door) ohh u just caught me in a good mood u better shut ur mouth before I call the police Me:(writes note saying sorry) what was that for

  • Viola


  • Xw_Kat

    These Idiots

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