Dumbest People On The Internet
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  • Dalan Riggar
    Dalan Riggar

    Guy who tried to bully the glasses off me: Just see better Me: I WILL NOT BE TAKING MY GLASSES OFF AND TRYING TO SEE I LIKE MY GLASSES AND I CAN WEAR THEM IF I WANT

  • Cat's Creations
    Cat's Creations

    the fact that i wear glasses and that man said just see is very rude and making me feel SO blind :((

  • Isabella Coursey
    Isabella Coursey

    A glasses wearer here is my response: boy back off

  • Ozan Ucar
    Ozan Ucar

    Whats 5x5-3 ? 5x5-3 is 26. Me... Ok so, What is 5 - 3? Yes, 2 Now add 20 Yes, 22 as easy as that -.-

  • Gabbi Kotes
    Gabbi Kotes

    We need glasses 👓 but he was being a bich

  • Z4HRA

    What body count

  • Mia-louise Chilton
    Mia-louise Chilton

    8:75 still wouldn’t be correct

  • Alice Harvey
    Alice Harvey

    But people need glasses

  • Mariana Ramirez
    Mariana Ramirez

    2:33man my dad has glasses he cant see well and, sssniperwolf has glasses stop it we Need visión with glasses

  • Galactic Warrior gaming
    Galactic Warrior gaming

    2:30 I got glasses when I was 4 and I’m 9 and I still can’t see without my glasses

  • Laura Bak fredslund
    Laura Bak fredslund


  • Myla Obispo
    Myla Obispo

    their brain do be cooked


    Italy Germany Russia


    What a doosh about the glasses

  • RyZe Gaming
    RyZe Gaming

    U look better with ur glasses than without

  • Dhruvin Ghevariya
    Dhruvin Ghevariya

    " Why wear glasses ? It makes you look Stupid. " Me :- Haha , Jokes On You Cause I'm Getting The 1st Grade Since I Started My Education While Wearing Glasses Since I Was 5 Year old. 😎😎

  • RedRiana

    Me watching this* My friend: *Walks into the bedroom* My friend again: What the- Me: Hi. Her: beats computer up*

  • Bulli, rusty ,Roxie, manny, cookie and Sophia
    Bulli, rusty ,Roxie, manny, cookie and Sophia

    Does anyone else think she is so pretty

  • Leanne Mackinnon
    Leanne Mackinnon

    5×5 - 3 = 22

  • Gayane Kazaryan
    Gayane Kazaryan

    4:55 i can feel that bc that happened to more then I can count

  • ginger bordales
    ginger bordales

    Man: "just learned how to see" Blind people be like*yeahh just gonna open my eyes and now i can see☺*


    The answer to 5x5x3=22

  • Tigar4oBG

    sssniperwolf you are cute with glasses dong get them off.

  • Lauren :3
    Lauren :3

    him : stop wearing glasses me : * takes off my glasses * ok my vision will totally get good soon * after the video * * puts glasses back on *

  • Jillianne Rej De Guzman
    Jillianne Rej De Guzman

    Thank you for the cookie

  • Emmalee Reuben
    Emmalee Reuben

    The parsimonious cheese sequently sniff because domain distally scare across a colorful crush. hollow, taboo help

  • Belinda Butler
    Belinda Butler

    The lacking shake evocatively knot because fan clinically program up a reflective cork. satisfying, careless word

  • Carlene Landguth
    Carlene Landguth

    will you give me a shout out

  • •Hajar Lovely•
    •Hajar Lovely•

    Soup 🍜 Soap 🧼 4:06 Ma’am there’s the difference

  • ♪☆Bubbly_Juice☆♪

    Hello for anybody who's being fat shamed or body shamed or beauty shamed Remember this, Beauty is pain people are mean you are beautiful just the way you are! Read this in poem it Rhymes! Tell your haters your not a mirror And for people being fat shamed and body shamed Your not fat your a little over average But that's what makes you you I'm sorry this didn't rhyme you are yourself Don't let others judge you! Yours truly Bubbly (・ꎴ・) Also heres a cookie! Oh.. your allergic have some oreos! Oh you want milk here! Anyone who isnt allergic heres some milk for your cookie!

  • dead meat frost
    dead meat frost

    Stupid there has been a February 29 but only three of those since 2007

  • Everything Channel
    Everything Channel

    ☠️ Avani Reyes was making fun of the gorilla glue girl Tessica Brown…🥴

  • Weebzy

    Dude: "People who wear glasses need to grow up." Me: "Bit*h I legit can't make out my hand if it's right in front of me if I don't wear my glasses."

  • The Birds In My Life
    The Birds In My Life

    This person made so mad 7:47

  • Cerabella Pittman
    Cerabella Pittman

    SaY It'S 8:75 My old tablet: it is 21:45

  • Violet Strehlo
    Violet Strehlo

    That is such a nice boyfriend!

  • Joyce Bass
    Joyce Bass

    2:38 made me cry because I’m seven

  • Shannon Hower
    Shannon Hower

    Here's a cookie 🍪

  • Laquanasia Taylor
    Laquanasia Taylor

    But I- need my classes

  • Yole Whitlock
    Yole Whitlock

    Poor Lia I wish she could eat donuts 🍩

  • Stewart Victoria
    Stewart Victoria

    The vengeful ash concurrently snatch because hook formally cough from a rampant root. taboo, economic meter

  • Dana Fuller
    Dana Fuller

    The powerful saturday internally hope because battery orally move lest a material route. level, doubtful riddle

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • teresita denila
    teresita denila


  • Joana Donella
    Joana Donella

    The tenuous minister worrisomely carry because wheel undesirably fade anenst a alike edward. cooperative, sad caution

  • Megan Washington
    Megan Washington

    How are you supposed to just see better? A couple days ago I got contacts so, I beat his statement

  • Wild Purple Quarts
    Wild Purple Quarts


  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C

    Not fractions

  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C

    It would be time

  • jejo9190ify

    This dude rlly said 8:75 when there's no such thing 😑😑😑😑😑

  • Serenity Freeman
    Serenity Freeman

    8:75 in real life would be 9:15 soooooooo yea

  • Contractor Bastion
    Contractor Bastion

    0:07 he took it toooooo seriously

  • science at the disco
    science at the disco

    can u do a reaction vid to art tiktokssss pllsssss

  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise

    Why die when you can live👻

  • nadia Al Mnazel
    nadia Al Mnazel

    Sss:5x5-3= Me:???

  • Jayani A
    Jayani A

    2:34 "They look bad" "they don't look good" Ah yes, two *very* different reasons.

  • Tebu Kitty Gaming
    Tebu Kitty Gaming

    Once again pusheen in the background

  • Opalmcnugget


  • Cherricaque

    I like glasses why does everyone think they look dumb 😭👍

  • 26nator01 :3
    26nator01 :3

    Me reacting to the tiktok where people need to stop wearing glasses in 2021, but I wear glasses: 👁👄👁

  • Noah

    I have an allergy to Gluten too

  • Shiara Ward
    Shiara Ward

    I was born with a seeing disability

  • Toxic gamer 522
    Toxic gamer 522

    Even I can cook better than that and I’m only 8XDXD

  • Chickadee

    How do they not know what y e s like bro

  • cxnvonii


  • TheNumberJ

    dumbest people on the internet? your entire fanbase

  • olga luna
    olga luna

    Can I get a shout out please 🙏

  • Michelle Venable
    Michelle Venable


  • Duhnda

    Why did a think she was Ariana granda?

  • Sinky poo
    Sinky poo

    Thanks bruh

  • -Exotic_ Ennard-
    -Exotic_ Ennard-

    5 x 5 - 3 = 22

  • Megan Wine
    Megan Wine

    i cant eat donuts ether they make me SICK!!!!:( (I still think they GOOD!!!)

  • Nely Altamirano
    Nely Altamirano

    1:00 I figured the answer it’s 22

  • Robbie Hill
    Robbie Hill

    The mute flugelhorn basically flow because letter analogically transport until a addicted bun. deserted, far racing

  • Xyrelle

    You look pretty when using glasses

  • Casey Tripp
    Casey Tripp

    I'm following you on tiktok

  • Samurai

    2:28 as a person that wears glasses, I have to ever since I was 4 because I could not see far away, I can see, but not the best I can, and I look way better in them than without.

  • Angelina Agront
    Angelina Agront

    I need glasses doctors order


    It was the karni asadas for me

  • Boredomboi

    Wow who else here watches lingualizer as well?

  • It’s Your Boi Grilled Cheese✨
    It’s Your Boi Grilled Cheese✨

    People Say That He Still Drying That Rice

  • Erica

    I should try to learn how to see 😭💀

  • Miya Miya
    Miya Miya

    The answer is 22

  • Amber Slapnicka
    Amber Slapnicka

    I wear glasses too like you

  • Pia Vissing
    Pia Vissing

    The guy that Said stop wering glasses say we are dumb

  • John Ku
    John Ku

    That girl with the panda I have the same to

  • Qxzz FN
    Qxzz FN


  • Cristina Tomi
    Cristina Tomi

    PLS shoutout

  • Hailey Abril
    Hailey Abril

    All of them

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams

    This like 25 or 28 year old woman doesn’t know how to spell soup and i am Younger

  • You Yes you
    You Yes you

    2:30 well shit I can’t just command my body to be like *GET BETTER* nah I gotta wear them so I don’t get worse vision

  • Samasim Abou Majhed
    Samasim Abou Majhed


  • Charity Prater
    Charity Prater

    Congrats to everyone with glasses who made it past that man that said stop making excuses and learn how to see My reaction to him: why the hell would we just leave our glasses sitting there

  • Tasha Minott
    Tasha Minott

    1:49 didn’t flinch at the mess

  • クピンク

    ok listen heres a story thats dumb as well. I was in an airplane after eating they offered sum plastic I thought it was for garbage but it was donations so the flight attendant looked at me like: 😐 and my sister said: "ur so disrespectful bruh... thats for donos" and I just stared like: 😳😭 heres smt dumber, while saying this I asked my cousin what the employees who work on the airplane are called, bc I typed airliner 😭😭😭

  • MicTie

    I have glasses and when that man say you don't need glasses but I had glasses but I grew up instead and I was like not just the glasses be gone your attitudes changes mister

  • Bri'sJapenseboyfriend YAOi!
    Bri'sJapenseboyfriend YAOi!

    The hair mask is the weirdest funniest thing I've ever seen on BG-chat

  • Noor Nabeelah
    Noor Nabeelah

    did you guys notice that she said poon insted of spoon

  • Rachael Greenwood
    Rachael Greenwood

    She said spoon not poon