Creative People And Art On Another Level
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  • Zara_YT

    next thing I want to see in a nail: Nails (no not wood nails, nails from fingersss)

  • Jojo Plays
    Jojo Plays

    Lea…’s not crayon it’s oil pastel

  • Hayden Harrison
    Hayden Harrison

    LOL those aren’t Crayolas, those are Pastels XD

  • Shambhavi Sharma
    Shambhavi Sharma

    kawaii club:are oil pastels me:yessssssssss

  • Kiris Van
    Kiris Van

    you've watched demon slayer?!?!? i love it

  • str8beatz1

    I like the Zero-two one

  • petrancc

    It's not crayon there pastels

  • Parker Johnson
    Parker Johnson

    2:07 Oil pastel?

  • +Rainy_Days+

    Its not crayon-

  • Weeb Vlogs
    Weeb Vlogs

    Looks like a spritz cookie deal but icing

  • Weeb Vlogs
    Weeb Vlogs

    Those are pastels, not crayon lol

  • Zoe

    That isn't how you pronounce crotchet.

  • 1C3Y P0P0C0RN
    1C3Y P0P0C0RN

    Two words oil pastels

  • Haygaming Yt
    Haygaming Yt

    I always say THATS ILEAGAL and my freinds be like what ind I say never mind u won’t get it

  • Canada Dry Luver
    Canada Dry Luver

    Don't worry, I am also late to watching Demon Slayer, as in; I haven't even started watching it yet- XD

  • Paisley Wiedenfeld
    Paisley Wiedenfeld

    No you dummy it’s not a crayon not to be rude

  • Odessa Santos
    Odessa Santos

    I am one month late

  • 💕~cutie cookies~💕
    💕~cutie cookies~💕

    Zero two,shinobu

  • Aria Garcia - TSS Student
    Aria Garcia - TSS Student

    02 is one of my favorite anime charecters

  • Lyna Zekzaoui
    Lyna Zekzaoui

    I fell of me chare and dropped my phone of my hand like i can not do that even if my life depended on it

  • Aaliyah Mancini
    Aaliyah Mancini

    Everything is so perfect

  • Fantasticfidgetz

    If I had the baby Yoda I would paint it

  • TJ Magic
    TJ Magic

    Is anyone going to tell her that it’s not a crayon it’s an oil pastel

  • Kadence Aleece
    Kadence Aleece

    The piping tubw thing should have been in the video that you made that is about things that feel illegal to watch!

  • Trinity Huber
    Trinity Huber

    They're not crayons their oil pastels

  • 바이크 사랑의
    바이크 사랑의

    When I saw zero two I'd come here not skipping any and patiently waited for zero two 😭🥺

  • Sam Julian
    Sam Julian

    0:32 so cool i wish i could do that

  • Mina Khanal Aryal
    Mina Khanal Aryal

    By the way the one with blending with the crayons 🖍 those aren’t crayons their oil pastels

  • smash.w ww
    smash.w ww

    Those aren't crayons Its Oil Pastels that you can smooth down duhhhhhh😏😏😏 and Love your videos 😘😘👍👍👍

  • Lea cisneros
    Lea cisneros

    their pastels not crayons (not saying this in a rude way i promis)

  • Xxxgachalife309Xxx shadow vampire
    Xxxgachalife309Xxx shadow vampire

    Wait was the fish voring someone

  • David Ace Penrod
    David Ace Penrod

    actly (i cant type) ou hear ME sniffleing

  • David Ace Penrod
    David Ace Penrod

    sssnniperwolf: YoU gOt SoMe BaLlS bf from fnf: im the one with blue balls

  • I B - R20 Vels International Preschool
    I B - R20 Vels International Preschool

    I went to the godzela vs King Kong movie’s

  • Lil axolotl 2456
    Lil axolotl 2456

    Da fishy with da boots 👌🏻👩🏻🤌🏻

  • Lil axolotl 2456
    Lil axolotl 2456

    The crayon it’s not crayon it’s paint crayon :D

  • Alessia Bb
    Alessia Bb

    its 2021 just saying

  • Alyssa Mccluskey
    Alyssa Mccluskey

    2:24 there oil pastels

  • Hammad Abbas
    Hammad Abbas

    They are oil pastels

  • Leli Sameh
    Leli Sameh

    I wish that I could be rithe

  • Michael playz17
    Michael playz17

    Thats not crayon its called oil pastel

  • albert neff
    albert neff

    Like you prank videos a lot of them I love those

  • Neriel Guno
    Neriel Guno

    Oil pastel

  • LordOfUnicorns30

    Oil pastels!!!!!!!

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Omg i lovr demon slayer i just finished it too and i also started watching hunter hunter.

  • Zoify Channle
    Zoify Channle

    lol lia The CRAYONS are atually OIL PASTELS when u smooth t it gets smooth what did yall do in art class lol

  • PinkRxses

    2:10 lol I love how she though it a crayon and it a pastel

  • Angelica Lane
    Angelica Lane

    Sssniperwolf: what year is it Me: 2021

  • The boys
    The boys

    It is not Crayons

  • Zilla Cloud
    Zilla Cloud

    Omg the sunrise/sunset one. ThEy R NoT CrAyOnS, ThEy R OiL PaStEls

  • Ruchi Ahuja
    Ruchi Ahuja

    The paint tray was amazinnnngggg

  • FroppyPlayz

    The crayons on not crayons it is pastel

  • Wolf

    I saw an anime girl on a car

  • Gamer Girls
    Gamer Girls

    I was doing crayons wrong my whole life

  • Germaine Molloy
    Germaine Molloy

    How do you know what Demon slayer is how dare you

  • John Arvy
    John Arvy

    Sniperwolf:they made a bunch of different paint dots on zero two Me:wait you know that character ;-; wowww😍

  • Jesmine Lee
    Jesmine Lee


  • Isaac Plays
    Isaac Plays

    The Girl That Was "In" The Building Was Just *PAINTED* On It. Just Look At The Lines To Make Sure Im Not Lying Though I Don't.

  • divya laasya
    divya laasya

    its 20 21

  • OutlanderGaming

    The fishy with the boots, I like him 😂

  • 。S i l v r e s t  。
    。S i l v r e s t 。

    Da fish with da boots I like him 👍

  • Fidget

    I luv your video’s I always whach them!

  • Alexis Smith
    Alexis Smith


  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    This hurts my brain

  • Jonathon Zacharias
    Jonathon Zacharias

    suggetion: i think i have a show you might like to watch its called MHA or my hero academia you can find it on hulu i think you'd really like that show

  • Ronan Kaul
    Ronan Kaul

    It’s not crayon it’s pastel

  • Green Bean :•]
    Green Bean :•]

    I hope you enjoyed Demon Slayer ✋😌

  • Enthusiastic Nobody
    Enthusiastic Nobody

    Omg those are oil pastels🤣😭 and those pencils are charcoals🤣😭😭😭

  • Sign Girl
    Sign Girl

    When she said that it was a ripe mango I cringed and said to my self THAT IS A SWEET POTATO

  • Ann Iler
    Ann Iler


  • zydrunas staniulis
    zydrunas staniulis

    ITs 1944

  • Star

    Does that mean that lady has a big forehead 😳

  • Tanweer Alam
    Tanweer Alam

    2:48 those are not crayons they are oil pestels u can buy at the dollar store or stationary store its very easy to use i dont know a thing about art but i used them and my drawing came out so pretty

  • Chloe Schubert
    Chloe Schubert

    OiL pastels no "crayons" 😂😂😂 lol

  • samuel martinez
    samuel martinez

    The husky freckle elderly reply because cucumber serendipitously miss amongst a glistening glorious valley. waggish, ugly plough

  • Alecia Martin
    Alecia Martin

    I am your biggest fan

  • Poppy Bourke
    Poppy Bourke

    It annoys me that she called them cretyons when there clearly oil pastels

  • Laney Belincky
    Laney Belincky

    4:20 ( me standing here cause im allergic to mangos 😩😩

  • nova garcia
    nova garcia

    Its shinubu

  • nova garcia
    nova garcia

    Its not shiowbo

  • Harry Geppert
    Harry Geppert

    :her : there put the tiniest watermelons ITS LIKE WATERMELON

  • Oning Canaria
    Oning Canaria

    I was actually thinking of drawing or decorating my face mask :)))

  • Shelley Neighbours
    Shelley Neighbours

    I wish I could draw like the girl who did the backboard

  • Fels life and gaming
    Fels life and gaming

    can you do a video of you playing roblox plz i liked

  • Hira


  • Cats Life
    Cats Life

    It’s pastels

  • Miko the Kitten
    Miko the Kitten

    Every New Zealander: **sees the fern** YaAaAaAaAaYy

  • Ty Weber
    Ty Weber

    Those crayons are oil pastels

  • ollie ollerton
    ollie ollerton

    crokets bahha

  • JoAnn Smith
    JoAnn Smith

    My baby cuson is colm cussen of you

  • •Gacha•Wonders•

    They used Pastels (I do not mean the pastel colors). Those are a type crayons that are like chalk when put on paper, so you can blend them.

  • Lisa Schmutter
    Lisa Schmutter

    did anyone notice that they were oil pastels?

  • Umayra Zahira
    Umayra Zahira


  • kristine bernadette umlas
    kristine bernadette umlas

    And i drawd sssniperwolf as a anime girl and it was soo pretty

  • kristine bernadette umlas
    kristine bernadette umlas

    I draw anime but im 8 years old i draw demon slayer nezuko i always draw anime when i was 6 years old but i always fail but now is good

  • Andrew Bos
    Andrew Bos

    Stop saying things are legal

  • DontGotAnything2Do

    Their oil pastels they're supposed to be able to like blend and stuff.


    The volatile frame bailly wreck because lettuce seemingly fry till a ritzy kiss. uppity, foamy ferryboat

  • Summer AbuRahmeh
    Summer AbuRahmeh

    Is 2021

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