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  • SSSniperWolf

    hello friends idk what happened with the bit with no audio so I edited it out ಠ_ಠ

    • Da Potatoe
      Da Potatoe

      @Your sleep paralysis demon she does :)

    • DinoNuggiesRule

      Is no one gonna talk about how she is wearing pins as earrings?

    • Chacho Mayorquin
      Chacho Mayorquin


    • Amit Shrestha
      Amit Shrestha


    • Nikaela Popowich
      Nikaela Popowich


  • Olivia Hover
    Olivia Hover

    I wanted to cry when I saw the one with the ants. I LOVE BUGS!😭😭😭

  • Punchall One For All
    Punchall One For All

    You don't read your comments how we meant to tell you?.

  • Ashleigh Hunter
    Ashleigh Hunter

    Sssniperwolf where I live we don’t use pennies so they are worth a lot Btw I live in Canada

  • Purrpink

    How much are the gold bar thingies

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light

    1:00 why she built like that

  • Robert Baxter
    Robert Baxter

    Did you stay scavenger, as in Wings of Fire scavengers????

  • Kizzmycntryazz

    There's also a product called tarro for ants

  • staryoutubewolf

    My dads gf was born in peru

  • Hayk Xanzadyan
    Hayk Xanzadyan

    NO CAP

  • Hayk Xanzadyan
    Hayk Xanzadyan


  • Gaia Hansen
    Gaia Hansen

    3:40 This watch mojo with: Top 3 thing you never thought about but always just was there.

  • Shelly Ramrekha
    Shelly Ramrekha

    omggggg grily my a bigggggg fannnnnnnnnnnnnn omgggggggggggggggggg

  • Addygirl

    Why do u have pins for earings

  • BP Dhakal
    BP Dhakal

    When I want to visit my family is have to go threw these roads and I will feel like I am about to die

  • Glitch_Bunny_

    Tic tok: "Poor boiling water" My weeb ash: *Depressed exhale* Like if you get it, 😂

  • MaxxNerfs


  • Fatima Mosavi
    Fatima Mosavi

    I No 😮😯

  • Shivani

    The hello friends! NEVER EVER GETS OLDDD!!! (I kept moving backwards to the hello friends lol)

  • Thulani Mtshali
    Thulani Mtshali


  • Anyah Owens
    Anyah Owens

    Lia can you pin me pls I always wanted to be pinned

  • Sherme Townsend
    Sherme Townsend

    I think that black thing is bad that died when it was just born or something and then they start to move I don’t know I’m just guessing that’s all I’m doing

  • Mikkel Silness
    Mikkel Silness

    1:37 its venom

  • Mega TC
    Mega TC

    Yo that black stuff is venom irl

  • My Kind Of Fun
    My Kind Of Fun

    I have a fact too! in India cow's are sacred and eating them is a crime because a god used to play with goats and loved them

  • Jamie Beverly
    Jamie Beverly

    Sniperwolf:what is that black stuff? Me: it’s venoms lil pets😂👽🪱

  • Dan Cantemir Mario Stanica
    Dan Cantemir Mario Stanica

    It look like the thing that venom was create

  • Valk

    The black spaghetti is a magnetic dust mixed with slime or whatever... :)

  • Thimmareddy Tharun
    Thimmareddy Tharun

    IM A INDIAN AND SO MANY INDIANS ARE SEEING SSSniperwolf even my friends

  • Teroform_streamz

    Venoms amongst us🕷

  • 「IHeart」

    Lia puts hand in mouth: Goverment: EVERY MUST GET A WHOLE TANK OF HANDSANITIZER

  • Keith Kiki
    Keith Kiki

    I have been to the noodle slide

  • Squirrels Inc.
    Squirrels Inc.

    @0:11 I wish I could do that to my skull

  • Monica Morales
    Monica Morales

    Sssniperwolf all of that black stuff from was from Venom the movie

  • Aaleyah Allen
    Aaleyah Allen

    Peanut butter hack did not work for me with me either

  • Saray Argueta
    Saray Argueta

    That is venom :)

  • Charger :D
    Charger :D

    1:37 it looks like the thingy from venom the movie lel

  • Mohummad Tanjilur Rahman
    Mohummad Tanjilur Rahman

    1:37 its venom 😂

  • jackarony01

    The third type of squirrels are the Russian ones

  • dd volgs
    dd volgs

    No she has a app call iPhone iOS

  • iriel aquery
    iriel aquery

    What does she meant with "before it shut down" ? Does her country banned tiktok or something? I'm sorry for asking but it bother me..

  • Ashly crazy
    Ashly crazy

    One month ago I had an ant problem I didn’t know you could put that in the ant thing but I don’t know where we get the things that but I don’t think where we put it all the ants will smell it because we have a two-story house and my room is also upstairs everybody’s room is upstairs and will probably get a couple of them for each room so all the ends to go there I think that’s a good idea but this was made with a microphone for this comment I made it with a microphone that’s why I feel like the words went wrong so yeah

  • O’Quinn Family
    O’Quinn Family


  • J F
    J F

    That road in Peru ain't nothing - Have you driven the road to Hana Maui? And survived?

  • Lonely Tomato
    Lonely Tomato


  • Suri Liu
    Suri Liu

    we have a book sanitizer in my SCHOOL library

  • Itskat_suo

    0:58 *she looks dead inside🙂✌️*

  • Carlton DeVaughn
    Carlton DeVaughn


  • Aleesa Galushko
    Aleesa Galushko

    Me only paying attention to that little loop in her hair

  • Lily Traver
    Lily Traver


  • Melissa Conner
    Melissa Conner

    R ur earrings safety pins 🧷

  • Melissa Conner
    Melissa Conner

    R ur earrings safety pins 🧷

  • Corey Johnson
    Corey Johnson

    That's venom



  • Red’s Squad
    Red’s Squad

    Hola soy dora

  • will noble
    will noble

    Ma'am is that a real way to fold underwear :o

  • Myranda Mika
    Myranda Mika

    At 1:34 don't that look like the stuff that turned spider man into black Spider-Man/venom?

  • ꧁𝚋𝚞𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚘꧂

    Japanese squirrel:cute chunky adorable me:fly’s to Japan

  • Spicy Cheetos
    Spicy Cheetos

    Wam bam brand new leather ma'am 👍🏽

  • Rilande1

    What is the black suff me:idk

  • Claireandpaul Lynch
    Claireandpaul Lynch


  • RoBlOx SqUaD is real hehe
    RoBlOx SqUaD is real hehe

    It's probley black worms

  • Hayden

    Samsung has a NightMode for photos and me and my Mom tried it She Has IPhone I have Samsung and mine looks better at night with night mode then IPhone with no NightMode

  • Lisa Riccio
    Lisa Riccio

    the iphone hack was a app

  • Assassin- Ahmed76
    Assassin- Ahmed76

    Ya know the knew samsung can zoom to the moon

  • Frozen starz
    Frozen starz

    This video made me remember my SpongeBob teeth my two front Teeth are way too far apart

  • Rithik The Empoleon
    Rithik The Empoleon


  • Isaac Puckett
    Isaac Puckett

    that black stuff is venem coming for you

  • Its Ace
    Its Ace

    It’s so leaches

  • Albert Garcia-De Sala
    Albert Garcia-De Sala

    The fact that the Japanese squirrel looks like a chinchilla it’s so cute

  • Sophia McCue
    Sophia McCue

    It is venom from spider man

  • Eren Harby
    Eren Harby

    It was venom

  • Tanishka Govender
    Tanishka Govender

    Lia I am such a big fan of your videos if you are reading this comment the picture is a M for my dads name but it is supposed to be a T for Tanishka. Please do a nother snake I.o in the next video. Thank you

  • Salvador Cazales-espinoza
    Salvador Cazales-espinoza

    the forbiden black noodles is venom

  • XxGacha CupidxX
    XxGacha CupidxX

    Whats a vpn- pks someone

  • Dick Bronson
    Dick Bronson

    I literally don't even know what this black stuff is at 1:24

  • *sTaRbUcKsSsSs*


  • Kayla Ouellette
    Kayla Ouellette

    They are millions and thousands of earthworms

  • Layan Al-hussainy
    Layan Al-hussainy

    Its venom

  • Elvie Rivera
    Elvie Rivera

    My day was made every time that I hear " hello friends ,its me "

  • Elvie Rivera
    Elvie Rivera

    I tried to spin our peanut butter once , it doesn't work


    When I saw the Japanese squirrel, omg I wanted to move to Japan!


    Can we talk how she used safety pins as her ear rings ?

  • Aly Torres
    Aly Torres

    The black stuff is venom from spider man

  • CT-VII V VI VIII Sheep
    CT-VII V VI VIII Sheep

    Ant abuse I will report you to the police

  • Jabu Kate
    Jabu Kate

    It's that black alien gu from spice that took over the teacher in spider man

  • Line Logic
    Line Logic

    all the ants will C€&

  • Pokefan

    Hmmm I wonder what happened to the titanic if they did that? 🤔

  • Super Shadow
    Super Shadow

    sssniperwolf you know the gold bar you shows that you could get real gold?? well there's one for diamond and you can get real diamond pls reply

  • Single_pringle

    I have a long white hair in my eyebrow I get every Year

  • Sophia Kupiec
    Sophia Kupiec

    one time at church I saw one of those birds

  • Serenity Maskell
    Serenity Maskell

    Me:hey mom look at this thing i learned on tik tok did you know this My Mok:HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS NOT EVERYTHING ON TIKTOK IS TRUE Lol who thinks this is relatable

  • Great Or Hate
    Great Or Hate

    IS that ink eeewww

  • Martir Lopez
    Martir Lopez

    you are my fav youtuber!

  • Isabella Wills
    Isabella Wills


  • Bob Mateljan
    Bob Mateljan


  • Princess Puppies
    Princess Puppies

    I love ants idk why

  • Let us have fun
    Let us have fun

    Can u make more reacting and trying vids I mean like u react then try them out

  • CPS Mokopane
    CPS Mokopane


  • alika c
    alika c

    its venom from the movie venom

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