Cool Things I Learned On Tik Tok
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  • Sophia Field
    Sophia Field

    I’m pretty sure we all knew how to cut out that sheet for baking or was it me that just learned to early 🤔

  • ?Lil' Koi Cherry?
    ?Lil' Koi Cherry?

    my dad showed me that the extra cameras on an iPhone or any other phone are for lighting. So if you take a picture without flash in a dark space, it will look like it was taken in daylight.

  • Lola Boisen
    Lola Boisen

    My subway didn’t have a pizza 😭😭😭

  • Alicja Palik
    Alicja Palik

    I have a Rolex cube

  • Khomar Ibrahim
    Khomar Ibrahim

    Sniperwolf = forbidden baked beans Me= i aint never eaten baked beans in my life Lol

  • weston lloyd
    weston lloyd

    I already no that subway has pizzas. be cus I had one before

  • Tari Campbell
    Tari Campbell

    Did she just say we can heat bread on the the toaster she said on the middle thing 0:45

  • Erinn Saige Matas
    Erinn Saige Matas

    8:18 yep me and my parents did that for years

  • pavle milosevski
    pavle milosevski

    its not a his its his skin idiot

  • Henry Burt
    Henry Burt

    why you say bread that fits in a toaster

  • Halles Dream land
    Halles Dream land

    Nope for subway pizza if at some stores in some states but in iowa you can’t get in anywhere in the des Moins you can’t get it

  • Fade Vibe2
    Fade Vibe2

    The two other cameras are different modes for pictures


    Never wear eye contact

  • aksuplays yt
    aksuplays yt

    One camera zooms and other makes the picture sharper

    • aksuplays yt
      aksuplays yt

      I think

  • Emmanuel Pradeep
    Emmanuel Pradeep

    Ya in Netflix I can do that for mincraft story time

  • Mohammad Daoud
    Mohammad Daoud

    Me: *eating while watching* The X-ray comes Me: EEEEEEEKKK

  • Michael Lowe
    Michael Lowe

    The hole on or in the bird is its ear

  • Shamia Simon
    Shamia Simon

    I got four cameras on my phone I got to check

  • amy mullet
    amy mullet

    my bird be doin the same thing

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    I did not now that subway had pizza omggggggg I love pizza AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Jessica Mccabe
    Jessica Mccabe

    My friends pet my head

  • Theodore Baerg
    Theodore Baerg

    I’ve known the last one for… 10 years

  • Inojin


  • Journey Mullins
    Journey Mullins

    How could you not know that subway has personal pizzas that’s all I get there

  • Norris Peterson
    Norris Peterson

    The different cameras on a phone is for different modes on camera

  • Møllie The Second
    Møllie The Second

    Honestly I'm so disappointed, I went onto the film on Netflix but it showed me a one minute clip of how my laptop wasn't compatible :(

  • Nez Nez
    Nez Nez

    lisa sees 6:04 lisa: *takes out Starbucks drink*

  • jennifer swaboda
    jennifer swaboda

    Źso you have been good for a week

  • MrEclaire12

    I am having a baby in my tummy

  • Jackie Lackie
    Jackie Lackie


  • Angelica Wolfspeed
    Angelica Wolfspeed

    1:21 me also gagging cuz I ate right before I watched this

  • Helen Haghighi
    Helen Haghighi

    I did not see any futures but I just see the great drawing I think he’s making a house😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😲😲😲 that sounds really weird I’m really want to see what’s going on wow I really like it I really like it I really like it oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

  • Surya Dathan
    Surya Dathan

    8:21 and for hanging fragile things like bread and eggs

  • Surya Dathan
    Surya Dathan

    8:14 FBI OPEN UP

  • Surya Dathan
    Surya Dathan

    4:54 yes bees kill

  • Subty Roblox
    Subty Roblox

    9:32 it is true and i know this for years

  • Jamie Gareau
    Jamie Gareau

    My family has a cabin 2 hours away from my hometown I have seen a lot of animals

  • Neelima Tripathi
    Neelima Tripathi


  • Emelie Hill
    Emelie Hill

    Boss baby has that

  • Lea Lee
    Lea Lee

    The cameras switch if you zoom in or out!

  • Xx_ Zencoffe _xX
    Xx_ Zencoffe _xX

    What’s the Netflix movie called 😭

  • Vanessa MacEachern
    Vanessa MacEachern

    In Australia you can swim with a crocodile in the same pool but it's mouth is taped shut

  • Lisa Kikuchi
    Lisa Kikuchi

    The iPhone tiktok was only used by one of the cameras the others are also cameras

  • xxBaby.Bearxx

    i love how im eating while watching the eating x-ray

  • Sally Debney
    Sally Debney


  • Edwin Teo
    Edwin Teo

    During the swallow thing I was eating a snack and aft I saw it I legit spat it out

  • Anjum khan
    Anjum khan

    Why the washing machine dude look like Mr.aizawa though 😩💅

  • Alecia Howard
    Alecia Howard

    I already knew about the last one where you have to pick the choices for the characters I've done two in my life I haven't done any other one and one of them there's a bonus video and you get to watch it and it's super super duper fun. And another one is last kids on Earth and you have to pick the choices for them and on summer just videos. 🤗

  • Samantha Padilla
    Samantha Padilla

    I new this since I was born

  • CallmeAngel

    You know, that you can actually use the other cameras on your iPhone? These are different lenses for zooming, a wider perspective and more

  • trenton Daley
    trenton Daley

    Why do bee's kill the queen

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog

    The toucan does not have a whole in them they have transparent skin 🧐

  • Jennifer Granzotti
    Jennifer Granzotti

    Oh and I am here kid saying this that is my mom

  • Jennifer Granzotti
    Jennifer Granzotti

    I do not what to see the x ray it is yucky 🤮

  • Niamh Riddle
    Niamh Riddle


  • egils5 Gaming
    egils5 Gaming

    I dont know about america but in latvija we got brecut cooking papper

  • Jeff Couture
    Jeff Couture

    If u didn’t know about the tab on the rear view mirror you have no business driving! 😛

  • Trevino Family
    Trevino Family

    I can't do the original Rubik's Cube.

  • llamaboy55

    ok that bird is transparent he does not have a hole

  • Tyler's mercedes benz gaming
    Tyler's mercedes benz gaming

    I knew how a crane built itself

  • Jaxsonf7

    All of this is crazy

  • Dan Elaine Eunice Bautista
    Dan Elaine Eunice Bautista

    PlEaSe ThAt Is A QUeEn Bee You MusT BoW DOwN

  • D4ML4 W4S H3R3
    D4ML4 W4S H3R3

    I couldn’t BREATHE when I saw the swallowing thingy. Literally 😵‍💫

  • thecoolboy

    I’ve done the last one with boss baby

  • liam deloske
    liam deloske

    the cameras

  • liam deloske
    liam deloske

    the two work your not on the right setting

  • Jade Trinidad
    Jade Trinidad

    Do you that my wifi password is sssniperwolf

  • Kayleigh Deshotel
    Kayleigh Deshotel

    Duhhh subway surves pizza

  • Jedrick Raye D. Bugnay
    Jedrick Raye D. Bugnay

    Um just the bee ball is scary

  • Puppylover_1232

    Excuse me how I never swallow me how are you gonna drink how are you going to be hydrated

  • Aniyah Woods (STUDENT)
    Aniyah Woods (STUDENT)

    I eat the pizzas in subway I knew this already

  • sunflower_playzroblox

    When you always got pizza at subway when you were younger: YOU DIDNT KNOW THAT?!? that’s ok

  • Super Duper Hearts
    Super Duper Hearts

    I rotate my mattress it makes it a bunch better

  • catsRus

    me while watching the swallow test while eating jello: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i did not need to see that.

  • princess montano
    princess montano

    The last one I know that for a few years now eversince I stared watching puss in boots 😂

  • Aleks fernandez
    Aleks fernandez

    Wen she sad not just a Cooki but a bread a brito you can put bread in a toster brun

  • Catalina Acevedo
    Catalina Acevedo

    Hola yo soy una grande sea si tú no entiende perdón yo no hablo inglés

  • ○HaZzInG😩💙○

    *The cameras in phones only makes the pic more better it helps the main camera*

  • Kaitlynn

    They give you a plunger

  • PhoenixGamer YT
    PhoenixGamer YT

    the lid one I knew about in some medicines that are pastelike (my brother has issues with bug bites so I know of it from bug bite cream but a little better because one bite can swell to a baseball size and its freaky looking) has a spike and I asked my mom what it was for and she showed me and I was amazed

  • leo song
    leo song

    that popcorn roof thing seems dangerous

  • Mha Weeb201
    Mha Weeb201

    Those lids that have the line looking thing on drinks, they are reject pop its😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Phi Phan
    Phi Phan


  • •{Bakugous Girlfriend}•
    •{Bakugous Girlfriend}•

    Lia: y’all be checkin on the baby ever two minutes like I check my friends Me: that would also be me not even two SECONDS

  • justice legrand
    justice legrand

    I need the Netflix one


    You didn’t know that you could pick what the ppl do?! I’ve been doing that for years! lol

  • Barbie Girl
    Barbie Girl

    I tried doing the Pop It thing it didn’t work.

  • J Joinson
    J Joinson

    Moose Plural Misse

  • christina williams
    christina williams

    SSSiperwolfs face at 0:55 was just funny

  • Chloe Davidson
    Chloe Davidson

    I just swallowed me : this 🥱 after 😩✋

  • __


  • __

    Imma have nightmares because of the swallow test…so creepy… :(

  • Elle Douglas
    Elle Douglas

    When she said "Hello fools" I lit choked on my orange juice 🤣

  • Sarah Nance
    Sarah Nance

    Lia this is a question do you watch my hero academia cause if you do what is your favorite character my is todoroki

  • Melanie Alvarez
    Melanie Alvarez

    I use amaracin airlines too

  • D playz yt
    D playz yt

    There are 3 cameras for a reason a telephoto one a ultrawide one and a regular one

  • Suha Samnani
    Suha Samnani

    that bee ball got me so frickin curious about how this maam recording it did not get stung...

  • Daena zyril Morente
    Daena zyril Morente

    Your reaction is so funny i love like three in a half times

  • Alexander Lane
    Alexander Lane

    On the queen balling with the bees im confused how are they not accidentally stinging her palm

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