Amazing Tik Tok Glow Up Transformations
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  • Skyler Weber
    Skyler Weber

    the first girls eyes changed colors brown>green....sus

  • シBlurryFace Quinn Pack
    シBlurryFace Quinn Pack

    5:57 I tried to look for her channel or account and I'm not sure if it's her but the name is Izzy Shea and I didn't know that she's a British...

  • i lost braincells
    i lost braincells


  • nh aw
    nh aw

    The barbarous wealth thoracically push because porter intraoperatively concern times a healthy correspondent. colossal, even excellent excited olive

  • Thando Mamba
    Thando Mamba

    I want a glow up now

  • Rachel Rose
    Rachel Rose

    me waiting for my glow up-

  • Liora 23
    Liora 23

    8:24 lia: keep quiet me: knowing what does it says

  • I’m Deimos
    I’m Deimos

    The boys glow up just looks like they joined 1D lmao

  • Sasha Braus
    Sasha Braus

    w h a t t t model? my sis is practicing


    0:05 looks like lia but in the old days-

  • Souryana Shrestha
    Souryana Shrestha

    ayo da best glowup how mah girl lia went eh to AH

  • Onika Laws
    Onika Laws

    I know how Lia look when she was younger and she look not bad

  • Khloe Thoele
    Khloe Thoele

    Sniper Wolf is pretty

  • Anna Kulynych
    Anna Kulynych

    one of them was UGLY..........( Me be like: (~)

  • lenisa_ plays_roblox
    lenisa_ plays_roblox

    I hade a clow up to

  • Faith Eucariza
    Faith Eucariza

    when i,m sad you make happy


    Fun fact : borzah commented this

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf

    From naive and innocent looking to all wanna be Lilith looking does not make them look pretty and beautiful. All look seductive

  • ♡kendalls_creams♡


  • LadyNoir

    I am a ugly child

  • Bella Baker
    Bella Baker

    Download likee for more sssniperwolf

  • BFF Twins art
    BFF Twins art

    2:26 is that Gavin Magnus merch

  • Elena Strinati
    Elena Strinati

    my fav was the one when your jaw dropped!

  • Nekoo - Chan
    Nekoo - Chan

    I think the supermodel was in a "top model" show, at least she looks like a girl I've seen there 🤔

  • Patricia

    The model was legit

  • Harmony Nona
    Harmony Nona

    The tired flare prominently visit because samurai psychophysically scare abaft a melodic australian. brawny, hilarious baker

  • Shasha Mae
    Shasha Mae

    Sssniperwolf: I can be in vogue to 💜💙💜💙💜💙 Me😲😲😲😲💜💜💜💜 shes soooo pretty

  • mlyhy

    2:27 she reminds me of elizabeth olsen somehow..

  • Zara_ fame official*
    Zara_ fame official*

    Yes there's a indian girl

  • 𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕂𝕖ℕ𝕧𝕀𝕓𝔼𝕤 𝔾𝕒𝕄𝕚ℕ𝕘
    𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕂𝕖ℕ𝕧𝕀𝕓𝔼𝕤 𝔾𝕒𝕄𝕚ℕ𝕘

    sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssshhh i love all the glow ups how i wish i was pretty lol

  • Rins Mom
    Rins Mom

    I like your expretion SSSniperwolf! 💖💝

  • Kendall Callaway
    Kendall Callaway

    Y'all y'all y'all Logan isbell look like icarly and Henry danger I was an ugly child now popular girl and hottest girl in HS

  • Cameron Davies
    Cameron Davies

    Yes the girl on the vogue magazine is a real model

  • theresa cutrer
    theresa cutrer

    I always love hearing that "Hey guy its me" it just makes my day

  • Nature888 UwU
    Nature888 UwU

    3:28 I prefer younger version-

  • Fowler Greer Bierma
    Fowler Greer Bierma

    Icarly yeah!😆😂

  • Saranya Ramasamy
    Saranya Ramasamy

    How many army's watching 💜💜💜💜

  • A.G.R.L Adan
    A.G.R.L Adan

    It’s true

  • tiktoks

    Some of these people I think it wasend them

  • Nakamba Kabaso
    Nakamba Kabaso

    Someone said that SSSniperWolf is a Libra

  • Every Amber
    Every Amber

    Everybody be doing these glow up thing and here I am. The eldest in the bunch. Be the shortest. Have that baby face that look exactly like when I was 10. Get mistaken as a minor when I'm literally a legal adult. They better be hitting a regression videp one of these days 😂

  • Judah Salaam
    Judah Salaam

    Had I that's my name

  • caidaaa

    Lia makes me so happy

  • Maheen Khurum
    Maheen Khurum


  • liu hanny
    liu hanny

    Yall shud know your beautiful just the way you are

  • liu hanny
    liu hanny

    I like the way she say SkInY 🤪

  • Carnivalclo

    Omg waittttt I just found out god never made a mistake because everyone is beautiful ❤️💗💗

  • Cotton_candy vlogs
    Cotton_candy vlogs

    No I am still a ugly person

  • Tamizh selvi
    Tamizh selvi

    0:54 I'm sure she's from India

  • nanna Tan
    nanna Tan

    Ive only gotten a hair glow up and i shall not elaborate🌝

  • keru storme
    keru storme

    The smart fine family remember because sagittarius observationally damage after a scared salad. noxious, chubby plough

  • April Radcliff
    April Radcliff

    I love sssniperwolf

  • Weird lovely Alyssa Forever lol
    Weird lovely Alyssa Forever lol

    4:08 looks like Togami danganronpa v2

  • Kaylee Faith
    Kaylee Faith

    sssniperwolf: I hope that you have had your glow up Me: well im still a nerd

  • The Crazy Gang
    The Crazy Gang



    The second one is true, she is actually a model.

  • Nikol Zabolotna
    Nikol Zabolotna

    Hey,Sniperwolf do you like cuylus

  • Karen Macleod
    Karen Macleod

    And now he's SKINTYYYYY

  • Brielle Wallace
    Brielle Wallace

    sssniperwolf is a softie uwu

  • fryer-wright family
    fryer-wright family

    u dont need a glow up cause your beautiful all ready

  • Kierra Holly
    Kierra Holly

    I feel uglier now.

  • Cameron Xy
    Cameron Xy

    That girl come for Doder Brothers

  • Neptune

    I know they could’ve been wearing contacts, but I think the first glow up was a different person, the eye color was different

  • Ruv

    “Hello friends it me” will NEVER Get old.

  • Catra Grayskull
    Catra Grayskull

    I- who’s gonna tell her … 🏳️‍🌈 ( 6:14 )

  • •Skylar Ministorm•
    •Skylar Ministorm•

    "hello friends it's me~" Never gets old


    The best glow up I have ever seen was ✨ hers ✨

  • Jason Ellis
    Jason Ellis

    I hate my life ):[ my mom took the game i love the most

    • Izuku mindoriya
      Izuku mindoriya

      My mom took my happy child hood and dad Must be tuff huh?

  • eliezer saunders
    eliezer saunders

    Dam the first girl do

  • Samantha Vaccaro
    Samantha Vaccaro

    I wish I was pretty like them-

  • Nikita Visser
    Nikita Visser

    Me noticing the 1D phone case with Liam at 4:51 😗✌️😂😭...I need therapy.

  • Gacha -_-
    Gacha -_-

    WoAH 😫✋

  • Claireandpaul Lynch
    Claireandpaul Lynch


  • Lovleymaria

    its not a glow up its a grew up

  • Meghan Owens
    Meghan Owens

    Do a vid of ur glowup

  • Eleanorbbb

    Me waiting for my glowing that does not exist : 👁👄👁

  • Milinda Nagineni
    Milinda Nagineni

    I love how she said high school when it said middle school😂

  • Lylliah & James
    Lylliah & James

    My favorite word of this video is SkInTy

  • Vivian rantala
    Vivian rantala

    I wasent a ugly child

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me

    they all have pretty privilege and i hate it

  • Sarah Aftab
    Sarah Aftab

    3:22 they all are muslims

  • Savanna Quinlan
    Savanna Quinlan

    Your glow up was so good you proved every one mad you upset love you lia

  • latisha kenes❤️
    latisha kenes❤️


  • Mai Tran Ngoc
    Mai Tran Ngoc

    The torpid fork ostensibly afford because yard briefly shock lest a craven rail. adamant, harsh bladder

  • Hafsa Abdirahim
    Hafsa Abdirahim

    0:16 She has brown eyes and the glow up girl has blue and they don’t look like each other I think it’s someone else

  • Lucille Baker
    Lucille Baker

    Me and my friends promised that we help give each other glow ups, hopefully this summer :D

  • BTS lover💜💜
    BTS lover💜💜

    Indian's be proud of the 3 number tiktok glow up 😌😌😌😌😌(say it izz what it izz if you agree with me)

  • Sheepish Sheep
    Sheepish Sheep

    Everyone else paying attention to the glow ups Me counting how much times she says “I feel like”

  • that strange kitty
    that strange kitty

    " I have to start watching James Charles" me: I'm sorry but he ended his channel :(

  • Stormweaver

    Lia, I know that this has almost nothing to do with the topic, but you are incredible, and I’m surprised you aren’t a legitimate Queen!

  • Weird-Kiwwy_Bubblegum

    Lea is talking about everyone else's glow ups but hers in the BEST!!

  • Sunny Squad
    Sunny Squad

    I feel like I am the only one who's comments these thing but: That girl on Vogue and Elle magazine she is a real supermodel

  • Nia Marsden
    Nia Marsden

    lia: if i looked that beautiful,i would never complain. girl you beautiful, need i say more?

  • Lisa Ali
    Lisa Ali

    Ali Ali

  • Gracelyn Playzz
    Gracelyn Playzz

    💗💗💗 This is why u would never judge them because of there looks because one day your going to regret it and be sorry.

  • Thickh0g

    The girl who was in the magazines is ACTUALLY IN VOGUE 🙀

  • smoochy dimples
    smoochy dimples

    U should react to ur glow up :)

  • Mookie Bear
    Mookie Bear

    Even she had a glow up :)

  • Charli D'Amelio
    Charli D'Amelio

    if only glowups were as easy as they look me watchin this: SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH

  • gurlstaycalm

    Dude the only glow up i have was my hair and my strength 😂 😎

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