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  • Jennifer Gannon
    Jennifer Gannon

    Me ❤️🙋‍♀️

  • Taha Ulandigan
    Taha Ulandigan

    bruh if am her mother i will ground the spoiled kid

  • Hanna Weidner
    Hanna Weidner

    04:08 i do popcorn like this: put butter in a bowl, put it in the microwave until its melting, get some peanutbutter and mix it with the butter. If you're in a hurry make normal microwave popcorn and when its ready, put it in the peanutbutter and butter. Its really cool with crunchy peanutbutter or even a little bit salt

  • Leah Luar
    Leah Luar


  • Leah Luar
    Leah Luar

    The flower is so cuteee😻😻🙇

  • Jaida Abdellaoui
    Jaida Abdellaoui

    you are not grazy

  • bezzettabez


  • Abigail Graham
    Abigail Graham

    I've hugged a boy before but that was my cousin. Other than that I have never.

  • yuri

    Gordan: will forgive you

  • Pmax


  • susan lymer
    susan lymer


  • Roxy👯

    My crush asked me out two months after valentine's day

  • Strawberry🌸

    "dOnT bE sHy pUt sOmE mOrE"

  • Toly Alzahrani
    Toly Alzahrani

    You just said it was a big pod now you are calling it little

  • DestinyOMG

    When she say bussin I be like buss it buss it buss it like if you know what song I talking about!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Esma Surkovic
    Esma Surkovic

    !!bad gremman!!

  • Michael afton
    Michael afton

    Cheesecake 🥧

  • Elena Reif
    Elena Reif

    Trust me you don’t want to free that.


    helo i have subsribed your video,s

  • Esma Surkovic
    Esma Surkovic

    Nad gremman again sorry Lia what i said nad i mean mad

  • The Guu King
    The Guu King

    i can dance like a robot

  • Katrina Watters
    Katrina Watters

    I'm learning from watchingBG-chat

  • Dylin Williams
    Dylin Williams

    I would make him/her get me what i wanted then tell then him/her that she chaeated then laugh LOL

  • Jude Given
    Jude Given

    You should watch this video

  • Lee Arbon
    Lee Arbon

    No that isn't possible yes it is possible just call adoption

  • Leni DingDing
    Leni DingDing

    Time to not waste my childhood

  • Lady rObLoS
    Lady rObLoS


  • The Williams family
    The Williams family

    I’m 8 and I under stand the pencil and hole

  • Esma Surkovic
    Esma Surkovic

    Sorry for nad gremman im russian dan i zet shout plz i wont to hear that BC im sick😔😔😔😭😭😭

  • Andrea Saxon
    Andrea Saxon

    He’s called tape face

  • francesca russell
    francesca russell

    Sniper wolf I really want to be at Tokyo and try one of their rice balls it’s my dream

  • Riza Tan
    Riza Tan

    Lia:*does diy shoe stand* Dog:WOW whats that *gets exited*

  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez

    That's how big the chubby puppy's get

  • 123 Pogger
    123 Pogger


  • vjollca sinani
    vjollca sinani

    Omg not dhar mann “Monday” dhar mann “Tuesday”

  • 123 Pogger
    123 Pogger

    stop hating Ozzy land

  • Bill Amanke
    Bill Amanke

    Forget about him, you are just the best and I love you and your videos your my favourite BG-chat.

  • Cakeo Strawberry
    Cakeo Strawberry

    Im the youngest got the anger issues

    • Cakeo Strawberry
      Cakeo Strawberry

      Ngl being the youngest I kinda do get away with everythin’ and I know how to get everything-

  • Levi Crouch
    Levi Crouch

    2:13 I agree with that

  • Pari Kaur
    Pari Kaur

    i actually play the violin it go me crying

  • Md. Nayan
    Md. Nayan

    3:13 best moment

  • Jaxon Phoenix
    Jaxon Phoenix


  • friends forever group
    friends forever group

    Omg I saw a face behind the shower curtain

  • GachaArcher-Roblox and reactions
    GachaArcher-Roblox and reactions

    I tried the airpod hack and it did not work ;-;

  • Lorelei Weaver
    Lorelei Weaver

    Not me wearing a very similar animal crossing shirt 😵‍💫

  • Esma Surkovic
    Esma Surkovic

    Omg u did my two my fav colors an gun😋 👑ur princess Lia👑

  • Kanish Mohan
    Kanish Mohan


  • Avanthika rajeev
    Avanthika rajeev

    Goofy being a cow everyone callin him dog

  • Gabriel Johnson
    Gabriel Johnson


  • Crazy Woman
    Crazy Woman

    Trevor: there mountain lions later aggghh. I am terrified

  • A1 Vortecks
    A1 Vortecks

    5 months left until 2021 Christmas 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎄🎄🎁

  • Moss Roblox YT
    Moss Roblox YT

    I still play animal crossings tho

    • Moss Roblox YT
      Moss Roblox YT

      I also have the same tablet as Gordon, or at least a kindle tablet, and I’m fine with that, I have and iPhone as well, so I doesn’t rlly matter ;-;

  • Z & Z ROBLOX Plays
    Z & Z ROBLOX Plays

    He has a broken I pad he is saying to his mom but he's the one who broke it

  • Sophia Knutson
    Sophia Knutson

    Ok I need to know where that wig maker lives

  • Riley McDonald
    Riley McDonald

    When the girl got hit by the car Like I love how the person didn’t even get out like they don’t even care they’re like well it’s a nice day not care

  • And R
    And R

    I laughed so hard when she said THEYRE DATING ??!?!?!??! LMAO

  • Jennifer Kelly
    Jennifer Kelly

    girl i feel sorry for you cause imma get purple hair

  • Mathias Alison
    Mathias Alison

    Can’t stand this person.

  • Lee Arbon
    Lee Arbon

    She's just adopted she's just adopted she's just adopted she's just adopted adopt adopt adopt adopt adopt

  • Catherine Middleton
    Catherine Middleton


  • Limelemonade Yumplayz
    Limelemonade Yumplayz

    This kid is just so rude be this kid does not know he playin with a famous youtuber lol

  • Lynnashia Brooks
    Lynnashia Brooks

    Is this what DharMann thinks we look and act like?? Lol 😂

  • Marshall Rowan
    Marshall Rowan

    My feet is mom dad broke me to school

  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez

    The big chubby puppy's get BIG BIG

  • Jude Given
    Jude Given

    I love this video 4.5 out of 5

    • Jude Given
      Jude Given

      You should watch this video

  • • ~ B L O O P ~  •
    • ~ B L O O P ~ •

    Looks like josh has 550k pb&js

  • Caleb Clint
    Caleb Clint

    I used to have a old table

  • Meera Alkarbi
    Meera Alkarbi

    Glad u are not sick now 🙃🙃

  • Super shadow the hedgehog Edgy
    Super shadow the hedgehog Edgy


  • Matěj Jandečka
    Matěj Jandečka

    Never had a vorse day my computer DEAD but i got litle lucky and got some stuff saved in that one black thing

  • Alannah world
    Alannah world

    Yesss I love SSSniepr wolf oooww

  • TangoTangy

    Why did she not just name this video Storage

  • Allessandro Williams
    Allessandro Williams

    You are some

  • Midnight Werewolf
    Midnight Werewolf

    i like mm bee and chi

  • Rachel Adamczyk
    Rachel Adamczyk


  • Proxmo